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Playlist for December 18, 2000:

Goats in Trees climb musical mountains.





*Indicates a selection from my collection
*Ben Monder "Mistral" Excavation
The Operacycle "Gone Tomorrow I'll Be" Warmer
Steven R. Smith "I Tried to Leave You" The Death
Town and Country "Fine Italian Hand" It all has to do with it

*The Roches "We Three Kings" We Three Kings
*Peter Biedermann "Travelling in Light" Sound & Spirit
*Scott Appel "Winterlight" Parhelion
*John Sheehan "Cliffs of Moher" Modern Man

Live performance by Goats in Trees

(Monica Cohen: vocals, guitar / Jason Crigler: guitar, vocals / Jeff Hill: Bass / John Medem: drums)



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*Alice Bierhorst "Swimmer Boy" Now Entering Liberty Heights
*Drazyhoops "On to Happier Things..." The Infinite Starlight
*Coctail Angst "Big Top Parade" Our Big Top Parade
*Goats in Trees "See the Sun" demo

*John Renboure "I Saw Three Ships /Newgate Hornpipe" Travellers Prayer
John Fahey "In Christ There Is No East or West"
*Robyn Hitchcock "The Wreck of the Arthur Lee" Respect
*Appendix Out "Frozen Blight" The Rye Bears a Poison
Christina Rosenvinge "Hunter's Lullabye" Frozen Pool

*Rotary Connection "Shopping Bag Menagerie" Peace
*Michael Sloan "Better World" Lazing Around


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