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Playlist for December 11, 2000:

Going against the grunge with The Gripweeds.





*Indicates a selection from my collection
*McDonald and Giles "Birdman: The Inventor's Dream /The Workshop /Wishbone Ascension /Birdman Flies /Wings in the Sunset" McDonald and Giles
*Porcupine Tree "I Regarded the Cosmos" Signify
*Iva Bittova "The Vampire Ball" Iva Bittova
Annette Peacock "Ever 2 b gotten" /"Camille" An Acrobat's Heart
*Edward's Hand "Orange Peel" Edward's Hand

*The Family Tree "The Effect of It All: 9 to 3 /Lesson Book Life /Nickelodeon Music /Miss Butters ?The Underture Miss Butters
*Tripsichord "Son of the Morning" Tripsichord
*Fairfield Parlour "Emily" From Home to Home
*Neblung Price "Athena" /"Inches of Goodbye" The Savage Songs of Neblung Price

Live acoustic performance by The Gripweeds

(Kurt Reil: vocals, drums, guitar / Rick Reil: vocals, acoustic guitar / Kristin Reil: vocals, electric guitar)


The Gripweeds great CD, "The Sound Is In You," has just been re-released on their own label, and is available through their website:

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*Timebox/ Patto-Halsall "Gone Is the Sad Man" The Original Moose On the Loose
*The Gwens "Dear Florence" demos
*Elliott Smith "Baby Britain" XO
*The Strawbs with Sandy Denny "Tell Me What You See in Me" All Our Own Work
*New Colony Six "Girl Unsigned" Revelations
*The Beatles "It's Only Love" Rubber Soul

*David Garland "Til I Die" I Guess I Just Wasn't Made for These Times: The Music of Brian Wilson
High Llamas "Get into the Gallery Shop" Buzzlebee


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