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Playlist for Playlist for November 6, 2000:

Folk/psyche femmes fatales Wyld Olde Souls and Fiona Joyce descend on WFMU.






*Indicates a selection from my collection.
*Cul de Sac "This is the Metal That Do Not Burn" I Don't Want to Go to Bed
*The Durutti Column "Spent Time" Valuable Passages
*Salem 66 "Cherry" Down the Primrose Path
33.3 "Miles"  
The Butterflies of Love "Complicated" VA: Tea at The Palaz of The Moon

*Bridget St. John "Autumn Lullabye" Ask Me No Questions / Songs for the Gentle Man
*Nico "Julius Caesar (Memento Hodie)" The Marble Index
*Linda Perhacs "Call of the River" Parallelograms
*Her Space Holiday "Slide Guitars and Moving Cars" The Astronauts are Sleeping
*John Cale "Amsterdam" Cale Street
*Ana D "Galaxia" Satélite 99

Live performance by The Wyld Olde Souls

(Ivy Vale: vocals & guitar /Rick Reil: vocals & lead guitar / Marlene Reil: vocals
& guitar)

The Wyld Olde Souls perform mystical psychedelic folk featuring supreb, ethereal harmonies and ancient instrumentation. According to their website <>"Their other-worldly sound will penetrate your consciousness." The Wyld Olde Souls have one album out, "Poems From the Astral Plane," and they're working on a new one to be released soon. They just finished a preformance with Alisha Sufit of Magic Carpet and Fiona Joyce, who also performed a set later in this show.




*The Wyld Olde Souls "The Sun God" Poems from the Astral Plane
Fiona Joyce "Behind Closed Doors" Behind Closed Doors
*Magic Carpet "Black Cat" /"Alan's Christmas Card" Magic Carpet
*Fiona Joyce "Long Road to Travel" Behind Closed Doors

Live performance by Fiona Joyce

This Irish singer/songwriter is virtually unknown in the USA, but should be considered
one of the best if just focusing on her clearly lovely voice alone. Fiona Joyce's songs are miniature stories, and don't follow the standard 'path' followed by so many current folk artists. When asked if she found songwriting easy, she replied, "It's torture!" But you'd never know it, as she played gem after gem on this show. She has 3 albums released with a 4th in the works.

You can find Fiona Joyce's recordings through The Wild Places, P.O.Box 150293, Brooklyn, NY 11215



*John and Beverly Martyn "Auntie Aviator" The Road to Ruin
*It's a Beautiful Day "No Word for Glad" Choice Quality Stuff/Anytime
*Big Star "O, Dana" Sister Lovers
*Dave DeCastro "Where She Goes" Over the Past

*Dave Evans "Sun and Moon" The Sad Pig Dance
*Eric Schoenberg "All in Good Time" Steel Strings
*Ton VanBergeyk "Ragtime Medley: Bantam Step / Springtime Rag / Wabash Blues Guitar Instrumentals to Tickle Your Fingers


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