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Playlist for October 30, 2000:

The interweaving spirits of Threnody Ensemble, captured on tape.





*Indicates a selection from my collection
Witch Hazel Sound "Hawthorne" VA: Seratonin Ronin II
*Skinnerbox "In Secret Dreams" The Playhouse
*Michiko Toyama conducting The Juilliard Orchestra "Japanese Suite: Lullabye"  Waka and Other COmpositions
Nico Vs. Trance Groove "Reich der Träume" (Radio Edit) Nico Vs. Trance Groove EP
Instrumental "Smokebelch" Acoutek

*Jeanne Lee /Ran Blake "Where Flamingos Fly" The Legendary Duets
Rickie Lee Jones "The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" It's Like This
*Monkeyworks "Monkeywork" Monkeyworks
*The Strawbs "The Life Auction" Ghosts
33.3 "Sine Curve" 33.3

Live performance by Threnody Ensemble

(Erik Hoversten: acoustic guitar, Dave Cerf: acoustic guitar, Dominique Dunn: cello, Amy Domingues: cello)

"Timbre Hollow," the first full album by Threnody Ensemble, was concieved from a collection of improvisations between guitarists Erik Hoversten (formerly of A Minor Forest) and Dave Cerf (ex-Lorelei). They're a bi-coastal affair, with the guitarists based in the SF Bay Area, and everybody else on the East Coast. As the album's centerpiece, "Tha Roman (Formerly Valerie White)" (and the other compositions on the album) evolved over a period of 2 years, and the title came from the recording medium they used. Hoversten and Cerf would record over any cassettes they had lying around, and incorporated the titles of those cassettes into the finished piece. Dominique Dunn (also of A Minor Forest), who had moved to the East Coast and joined 33.3, got together with the duo (and many other musicians including Amy Domingues) in North Carolina to record, adding a few non-traditional instruments to the mix. Threnody Ensemble's acoustic music borrows equally from classical music and jazz styles, both composed and free at the same time with intricate interlocking guitars to hold the pieces together. Threnody Ensemble took time out from touring to record this lovely set for WFMU.


Therenody Ensemble's first album, "Timbre Hollow," is available from New Albion Records.

SF Weekly featured an article on Threnody Ensemble in July:

Hear an archive of the show!



*Robyn Hitchcock "The Bones in the Ground" I Often Dream of Trains
*Älgarnas Trädgård There Is a Time for Everything, There Is a Time Where Even Time Will Meet" Garden of the Elks
Sun Ra "Land of the Day Star" The Great Lost Sun Ra Albums
*Nilsson "Frankenstein, Merlin and The Operation" /"Jump Into the Fire" Son of Dracula (Soundtrack)
Radiohead "Idioteque" Kid A
The Ophelias "The Night of Halloween"  

*MASS Ensemble "Luna Morada" Pleiades
*The Stranglers "Meninblack" The Raven
*Pere Ubu "Heart of Darkness" Terminal Tower


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