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Playlist for October 16, 2000:

Caught off guard, and with quite a smile, by Biff Rose.





*Indicates a selection from my collection
Subarachnoid Space "Fruity Drinks with Little Umbrellas" A New and Exact Map
*Buffalo Springfield "Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing"
*The James Gang "Wrap City in English" /"Fred (It's Strange)" Yer Album
*Giovanni Sollima "Aquilarco #2": Ginton's Drawings" Aquilarcos
*The Threnody Ensemble "Tha Roman (Formerly Valerie White) pt. 2 Timbre Hollow

*Chris Cunningham "Walking Into the Lightning" Stories to Play
*Toulouse Englehardt "It Sounds Like It's About to Start" /Air to the Quiver of Angel Wings" /"Rocky Mountain Bringdown" Toullisions
*Peter Lang "Bituminous Nightmare"
Charalambides One VA: Searatonin Ronin II
*Dulcimer "Sonnet to the Fall" /"Pilgrim From the City And I turned as I Had Turned as a Boy...

A Visit with Biff Rose

Blowing in like a whirlwind, Biff Rose was in NYC to promote Dan Raymond's new documentary, "Biff Rose: Guns and Cameras". Rose was snagged for a few crazy moments, sans keyboard, to talk and sing about what he's been up to. Next in store for Biff is a trip to India, by way of England. Biff Rose official website is: and you can order copies of his CDs (The latest being "Bone Again"), which include all his older albums, by calling 1-800-636-6166.


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*Goats In Trees "When the Morning Comes" /"Wide Open Door" When the Morning Comes
*Geoff Muldaur "Some of These Days (I'll Be Gone)" Password
Bryan McLean "Candy's Waltz" Candy's Waltz
Gandalf "You Can Travel in the Dark Alone" Gandlaf
H.P. Lovecraft "I've Been Wrong Before" Two Classic Albums From H.P. Lovecraft
Radiohead "How to Disappear Completely" Kid A

*All American Radio   Instruments Landscapes: Burnt Toast Vinyl
The Cannanes "Music and Me"  
Laura Cantrell "Somewhere, Some Night" John Peel Session
*Suzzy Roche "To Alaska, With Love" Songs from an Unmarried Housewife and Mother, Greenwich Village, USA
The Walkabouts "Silenci" Train Leaves at Eight


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