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Playlist for September 11, 2000:

Wave catching may be done for the summer.





*Denotes something from my collection
Sparrow Orange "Pushung 1" The Beauty of Strangeness
The Sea and Cake "Everyday" Oui
Rokia Traore "Souba" Wanita
The Tower Recordings "Harmeng: The Tower Becomes a Sun" /"Winter of Frozen Mornings"  
Flashpaper: Nick Drake "Northern Sky" Elsie and Jack and Nick Drake: Sculpting from Drake Volume 1
*Timothy Hill "Refuge" The Human Place
*Kenny Burell "Lotus Land" Guitar Forms
*Chris Lee "Baby Belle" Chris Lee
*Devine & Statton "A Right to be Lazy" Cardiffians
John Renbourne "The Earle of Salisbury" /"The Trees The Do Grow High" Sir John a Lot
*Rebecca Martin "Empty Hands" live on WFMU 4/99

*The Beach Boys "You Still Believe in Me" Pet Sounds
The Wondermints "Telemetry" Bali
*Dave Edmunds "I Was Born to Be with You" Subtle as a Flying Mallet
*The Beach Boys "I Can Hear Music" Friends/20/20
3Tripper "Today" VA: Starflower
*The Beach Boys "Here Today" Pet Sounds

*East River Pipe "Party Drive" The Gasoline Age
*Elliott Smith "LA" Figure 8
*Stackridge "The Road to Venezuela" Pinafore Days
*The Monkees "Mr. Webster" Headquarters
R. Stevie Moore "I Wasn't Drinking (I Was Just Tired) Love Compartment
The Ladybug Transistor "I Found a Reason"  

*Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks "I'll Tell You Why That Is" (w/Tom Waits) Beatin' the Heat
Lee Konitz w/Jimmy Guiffre "Somp'm Outa' Nothin' " Lee Konitz Meets Jimmy Guiffre
Toe "Failure" Variant
*Thelonious Monk "Comin' On the Hudson"
*Montage "She's Alone" Montage
*Rachel Loshak "Not Now"  

*Theo Eastwind "Dawn in the Fall" Oh La La Li
Helio Sequence "Stracenska 612 Complex
Olivia Tremor Cntrol "I Won This Dog at the Driftwood Reunion Carnival" Presents: Singles and Beyond
*Tom Rapp "Butterflies" Beautiful Lies You Could Live In
*Damon and Naomi with Ghost "Don't Forget" Damon and Naomi with Ghost


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