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Playlist for June 12, 2000:

Joel Forrester and the cast of "Fascist Living" present songs from this new "musical dramedy"





*Indicates a selection from my collection.

>>Indicates a new song I really liked.
*Steve Lacy w/ Don Cherry "Evidence" Evidence
*Castleman & Hodgekinson: Antheil "Second Sonata for Violin, Piano and Drum"  
*Christy Doran's New Bag "Space the Place" Confusing the Spirits
Tin Hat Trio "The Quick Marble Tremble" Memory is an Elephant
>>Sledé Zive Sledé "Nesení Písma (Carrying the Sculpture)" Milacek Vytvari Krajinu

*Geoff Muldaur "Chevrolet / Big Alice" The Secret Handshake
>>Beth Custer "Viey" Viniculum Symphony Live
*Robyn Hitchcock "Beautiful Queen" Moss Elixir
*Third Ear Band "Behind the Pyramids" Magic Music
*Gutbuket "Being Questioned About Iran Contra While Eating French Onion Soup" Punkass
*Django Reinhardt "When Day is Done"  

Joel Forrester and the cast of "Fascist Living"

(Anna Hayman as Little Me / Angela Tweed as Mr. Ree / Margaret Curry as Auntie Dote / Joel playing Charlie Hayward's role as Dr. Real)

"Facist Living" is, by way of a simplistisc explanation, a musical satire incorporating a number of Joel Forrester 's crackpot ideas on religion, Charlie Manson and white sumpremacy, filled with snappy tunes you'll struggle to keep out of your head. Mr. Forrester calls "Fascist Living," "a musical dramedy," as in you might need Dramamine to keep up with all the action.

"Fascist Living," ably directed by Sarah Moore ("Miss Julie" and "Olden Days: A History Costume Melodrama") centers on four characters:
-Dr. Real, a caricature of a Hellfire preacher, is played by Charly Hayward (an original Member of La Mama's Great Jones Repertory Co.)
-Auntie Dote, a twisted prairie queen/mother hen, played by Margaret-Anne Curry (working on a solo cabaret show, "Everything You Wanted to Know About Love but Were Afraid to Ask")
-Mr. Rhee, a Korean transplant incorporated into this cultural 'norm," played by Angela Tweed (corny lounge singer in "Benten Kozo" and "Monday Night Live" at Club Tatou)
-Little Me, a voice of "purity" tempted by urges to be wayward, played by Anna Hayman ("Benten Kozo," "Cleveland," "Jennie Richie")

It should be noted that Mr. Forrester also has a nifty jazz quartet called People Like Us (on Koch Jazz), is composer of the "Fresh Air" theme music, and is a former co-leader of the Microscopic Septet.




*Groucho Marx "Whatever It Is, I'm Against It" The Marx Brothers Sing and Play (CD Box)
*Dots Will Echo "Resident Alien" Pearl Diving Near the Hudson (WFMU Marathon 2000 Premium)
*Joseph Spence "The Crow" Happy All the Time
Rebecca Moore "Outdoor Elevator" Admiral Charcoal's Song
Hungry Ghosts "Back for More Before I Go" Alone, Alone
>>Marumari "War of the Wolves" The Wolves Hollow

*XTC "Boarded Up" Wasp Star
R. Stevie Moore "For Vini" The Future is Worse Than the Past
>>Thuja "The Deer Lay Down Their Bones (8-10)" The Deer Lay Down Their Bones
>>Aimee Mann "Calling it Quits" Bahelor No.2
>>Belle and Sebastian "Family Tree" Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant


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