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Playlist for April 24, 2000:

Changing direction to face the Sun.





*Indicates a selection from my collection.
Anaolgy "Weeping my endure" Analogy
*Saint Steven "Gladcadova" Saint Steven
*Screaming Trees "Shadow Song" Invisible Lantern
Steven Wray Lobdell "Astral Projection" Automatic Writing By the Moon
*Robert Wyatt "Was a Friend" Schleep
Staff Party "Stark Majora" Staff Party
*Mandible Chatter "The Dust Blows Back" Measuring the Marigolds

*PING "Crème Brulee" PING
*John Abercrombie /Jan Hammer /Jack DeJohnette "Timeless" Timeless
The Galerkin Method "Apart" The Galerkin Method
*Barbez "Artist Girlfriend" Barbez

*Rickie Lee Jones "Rorschachs: Theme for the Pope /A.An Unsigned Painting /B. The Weird Beast" The Magazine
Giant Sand "The Punishing Sun" Chore of Enchantment
Terry Callier "Johnny Be Gay" Live at Mother Blues, 1964
Will Oldham "Drinking Woman" Guapero /Lost Blues Vol.2
Lois Maffeo & Brendan Canty "Monument" The Union Themes

*Darol Anger "John Henry" Diary of a Fiddler
Les Primitifs du Futur "Dèsaccord Manouche" World Musette
 Baby Gramps "Palindromes" Same Ol' Timeously
*Marvin Pontiac "Sleep at Night" Greatest Hits
Camper Van Beethoven "Klondike" CVB is Dead, Long Live CVB

*XTC "Brown Guitar" Wasp Star (Apple Venus pt.2)
The Smoke    
Joy Zipper "Transformation Fantasy"  
*The Loud Family "Where They Walk Over St. Therese" The Interbabe Concern
*The Moody Blues "Sun Is Still Shining" To Our Children's Children's Children
Apples in Stereo "Stream Running Over"
The Essex Green "Trees" The Essex Green (EP)

*Theo Eastwind "Clown" Wip
*Marc Johnson "Suddenly Sunshine" /"Baby Go" Last Night on the Roller Coaster
Travis "As You Are" The Man Who

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