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Playlist for April 10, 2000:

Irish flute & tin whistle virtuoso/singer Cathal McConnell played springy tunes.






*Indicates a selection from my collection.
*Steve Tibbets "Ten Years" /"One Day"  YR
*Deuter "Phoenix" Aum
*Shirley Collins & Davy Graham "Nottamun Town" Folk Roots, New Routes
*Keola Beamer "Dancers in the Land of Po" Wooden Boat
*Kate Rusby "The Sleepless Sailor" Sleepless

*Jeff Buckley and Gary Lucas "Farewell Angelina" They Came, They Played, They Blocked the Driveway: Live Music from WFMU
*Robbie Basho "Street Dakini" Guitar Soli
*Paul Giovanni & Magnet "Willow's Song" Soundtrack to "The Wicker Man"
*Nico "Chelsea Girls" Chelsea Girl

*Katell Keineg "The Battle of the Trees" Jet
*Susan McKeown & The Chanting House "Green Dawn" Upsalapalooza: More Live Music from WFMU
*Black Girls "Moonflower" Proceedure
*Roy Harper "Me and My Woman" Stormcock

Live performance by Cathal McConnell

A founding member of Boys of the Lough, Cathal McConnell is stepping out with his second solo album, "Long Expectant Comes at Last." (His first was released in the mid 70's). Cathal is a passionate, vituoso flute player and tin whistler, his fingers moving like a brisk wind, but with a sweet character apparent in his singing and playing of traditional (and his own) tunes. On "Long Expectant Comes at Last," Mr. McConnell is joined by a number of stellar guests: Richard Thompson, John Doyle and Winifred Horan (both of Solas), Colm Murphy (DeDannan), Dave Mattacks, Big John and Valerie McManus, Linda Thompson, Susan McKeown, and Andy Statman. The reasult is a delightful blend of traditional and modern Celtic music. Cathal McConnell dropped by the WFMU studios to play a few tunes.


"Long Expectant Comes at Last" is available on the Compass Records label.



*Cathal McConnell "The Humors of Scarriff" /"Lough Erne" Long Expectant Comes at Last
*Richard Thompson "I Still Dream" Watching the Dark
*Larry John McNally "Amateur" Loose Ends
*Dave Soldier "Everdream" Kropotkins
*The Stranglers "Golden Brown" Feline
*Tin Hat Trio "Beverly's March" Helium

*Martha Wainwright "Jimi (Takes So Much Time)" Martha Wainwright
*The Loud Family "Blackness, Blackness" Attractive Nuisance


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