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Playlist for February 28, 2000:

All my thoughts drained from my head.




*Indicates a selection from my collection.
Unexplained Transmissions "Airlock" Unexplained Transmissions
Modest Mouse "Medication" Building Something Out of Nothing
The Ladytron "I Know How Hard You Dream" The Ladytron
For Stars "Burn the Buildings" Windows for Stars
The Soft Machine "Backwards" / "Mousetrap (reprise)" Noisette (unreleased live tracks)

Tripsichord "Sunday the Third" Tripsichord
Krokodil "Lady of Attraction" An Invisible World Revealed
*Edward's Hand "Days of Our Life" Edward's Hand
Third Eye Foundation "Lost" Little Lost Soul
*Nirvana (UK 1967) "In the Courtyard of the Stars" The Story of Simon Simopath
*The Rooks "In the Neighborhood" A Wishing Well

*The Paupers "Ask Her Again" Ellis Island
*Rahsaan Roland Kirk "Ruined Castles" Rahsaan: The Complete Mercury Recordings of Roland Kirk
*The Ladybug Transistor "It Will Be a Lifetime" Beverly Atonale
*XTC (Andy Partridge) "I Can't Own Her" Homespun (Apple Venus demos)
*Robert Cobert Orchestra "The Old House" The Original Music from Dark Shadows
*The Musical Arts Trio: Louis Haber "Trio: Aria" Reif: Philiador's Defense /Haber: 6 Miniatures & Trio
Galicia "Why are You Waiting?" The Longest Wait

Tom Rapp "The Swimmer (for Kurt Cobain)" A Journal of the Plague Year
*Hesperus "Estampie Belicha" Crossing Over
*Paul O'Dette: John Dowland "Pavana (Mylius, 1622)" John Dowland: Complete Lute Works, Vol.1
Charalambides "Dedication Melody" Internal External
*Fred Neil "Merry Go Round" The Many Sides of Fred Neil
*Rebecca Martin "Empty Hands" Independence Project live on WFMU 4/5/99

*Cathal McConnell "The Banks of Strathdon" Long Expectant Comes at Last
*Harmonium "Aujourd'hui, Je Dis Bonjour a La Vie" Harmonium
Yo La Tengo "Madeline" And then nothing turned itself inside-out
Home "So Much Love" XIV
*Cleaners from Venus "Mad March Hare" Golden Cleaners
Mij "Grok" Color By the Number
*John Abercrombie "Open Land" Open Land


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