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Playlist for February 21, 2000:

Pop, 60's style, from The Essex Green.





*Indicates a selection from my collection
*Nirvana (UK 1960's)  "Wings of Love" /"Lonely Boy" /"We Can Help You" /"Satellite Jockey" The Story of Simon Simopath
*The Idle Race "Pie in the Sky" The Birthday Party
*Wichita Fall "Going to Ohio" /"Playground" /"Ornamental Sideshow"  Life is But a Dream
*Alexander Rabbit "Medley: I Knew I'd Want You / I've Got You" The Hunchback of Notre Dame (The Bells Were My Friends)

*The Nice "The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack" The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack
*The Small Faces "Red Balloon" The Autumn Stone
*Martin Newell "The Green-Gold Girl of the Summer" /"An Englishman's Home" The Greatest Living Englishman
*Pink Floyd "Cirrus Minor" Soundtrack to "More"
*Neblung Price "Idiot Mittens" The Savage Songs of Neblung Price
*The Cryan Shames "The Sailing Ship" A Scratch in the Sky
*Fairfield Parlour "Emily" Fairfield Parlour
*XTC "I'd Like That" (demo version) Homespun

Live performance by The Essex Green

The Essex Green is Chris Ziter, Tim Barnes, Sasha Bell, Jeff Baron and Mike Barrett.

This from The Essex Green Website: "They've been playing together since 1997 when these former Vermonters fled to New York City following the Great Soybean Crop Failure of '96. They are named for their love of greenery and ferry boats, and create pop music of all types, bringing joyous sounds to their immediate environment and beyond.

Having a foot in both folk and psychedelia helps reflect the groups eclectic background. Each of its five members write and sing, providing a variety of moods and colors on their first album, "Everything is Green." The album was recorded this past Spring and Summer (1999) at both Studio .45 in Hartford, CT and Brooklyn's Marlborough Farms. The Members of The Essex Green can also be found playing with The Ladybug Transistor, The Sixth Great Lake, The Silver Jews and Jim O'Rourke.

Out now from The Elephant Six Recording Company is the self-titled E.P. - A five song companion to the full-length record. The band toured this past fall (1999) with Of Montreal and Marshmallow Coast, and should be on the road again early in 2000.

The Essex appears to have carried at least a gaff-topsail and a spanker on her mizzen-mast, the main-mast carried a square main-sail, a main topsail, a main topgallant and a main-royal, and her fore-mast carried a fore-sail, a upper fore-sail, a fore topgallant-sail and a fore-royal. Additionally, the running rigging indicates it carried a flying-jib, a jib and a fore-topmast-staysail."


For more information on The Essex Green, check out their website:




*Spanky and Our Gang "Yesterday's Rain" /"Without Rhyme or Reason" Without Rhyme or Reason
*Chrysalis "Fitzpatrick Swanson" Definition
*Accolade "Starting All Over" Accolade
*Rahsaan Roland Kirk "I Talk to the Spirits" /"Serenade to a Cukoo" Rahsaan: The Complete Mercury Recordings of Roland Kirk
*Stackridge "Essence of Porphry" Stackridge

*Dando Shaft "Rain" Reaping the Harvest
*John Sheehan "Jump in the Fire" Instrumental Solo Guitar


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