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Playlist for February 7, 2000:

Guitarist John Sheehan finagles fancy fingerstyle.




 *Indicates a selection from my collection.
Charalambides "External" Internal / External
Areski et Brigitte Fontaine "Le Borgeois" / "Les Petites Madones" L'Incendie
*Knut Hamre and Steve Tibbetts "Olav Bergsland" Å
*Ping "Walking Through the Gallery" / "Eleven After Six" Ping

*John McLaughlin Trio "Pasha's Love" / "Mother Tongue" Live at The Royal Festival Hall
*Carlos Fernando / Toninho Horta "Quente" Qualquer Cançâo Chico Buarque
*Cathal McConnell "Lough Erne" Long Expectant Comes at Last

Live performance by guitarist John Sheehan


North Jersey Music scene veteran John Sheehan is a composer/Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter from Ringwood, NJ. Mr. Sheehan has two CD's of his original compositions: "Instrumental Solo Guitar", featuring a dozen deftly picked original instrumentals with a contemporary flair, and "Modern Man", an eclectic combination of vocals, clawhammer banjo and guitar instrumentals. Classically trained, John Sheehan was First Place winner of the 1991 Candi-Creek Banjo Works Guitar Competition, for which he was awarded a new D-16 Martin Guitar, autographed and presented by C.F. Martin, IV. Performing original tunes on the Banjo, he took First Place in the Banjo Contest at the Old Mill Village Music Competitions in August, 1997. Additionally, John composes for lute, and can be heard performing classic Folk/Rock, Blues and Rags, and Classical in a number of local venues.



Check out John Sheehan's website for information on his CDs, as well as upcoming gigs at:




*John Fahey "Jesus is a Dying Bedmaker" / "Finale" / "America" America
*Leo Kottke "Bigger Situation" One Guitar, No Vocals
*Newman and Oltman Guitar Duo "Reeling" Laments and Dances
*Thierry Robin "Katchur Kahn" Gitans
*Scott Appel "Silent Snow" Parhelion
*Kenny Burrell "Greensleeves" Guitar Forms


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