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Playlist for January 17, 2000:

Monkeyworks squeezes a septet into our small studio.





 *Indicates a selection from my collection
*Pentangle "People On the Highway" Solomon's Seal
*John Abercrombie / Marc Johnson / Peter Erskine "Hippityville" Current Events
*Quartet Music "Blood of The Rose" Ocean Park

*Miles Davis Quintet "Tout De Suite" (alternate take) Miles Davis Quintet 1965 -'68
Cuartet Lucy "Foreva" (demo CD)
*Gary Peacock / Bill Frisell "Through a Skylight"  Just So Happens
*Mallard "Yellow" / "A Piece of Me" Mallard

Live Music by Monkeyworks

Kevin Brown, bass / Alan Camlett, drums / Jeff Eldridge, accordion, harmonium / Steve Meltzer, percussion / Steve Peckman, saxophones / Ian Smit, guitars / Jim Stagnito, trumpet

Imagine Weather Report or the or mid 60's Miles Davis melding with The Meters, Dollar Brand and the
Mahavishnu Orchestra. Monkeyworks is a chemical reaction of seven individuals with a common vision, melding Jazz, Rock, African, Cajun, Middle Eastern, and Ambient Music. The music travels somewhere way out there but remains accessible.

The present incarnation of the group has been together since November 1997, although the early roots of Monkeyworks trace back to 1988. During 1998-99, Monkeyworks played at many varied venues and festivals in the New York/New Jersey area. Monkeyworks now has its first self-produced CD.


Check out Monkeyworks' website for info on their CD and on area gigs:




*Phillip Johnston's Big Trouble" "The Hymn of Souls Who Are Passing / Still Water" Trouble at the Ant Farm
The Club Foot Orchestra  "As a Detective, He Was All Wet" /"The Dream Begins" /"Buster Decides to Act" /"Dream Door" /"Garden Wall" /"Tristan's DoDah" /"Mountain Blues" /"Lions" /"Iron Horse" /"A Private Island" /"Now Know Flutes Snow" /"The Bedroom of the Borgeoisie - Stolen Pearls - The Crime Crushing Criminologist Enters - A Game of Pool - Pearls Revisited" The Club Foot Orchestra's Original Score to Buster Keaton's Sherlock Jr.

*Cesaria Evora  Flor de Niha Esperança Café Atlantico
*Trio Lligo "En Gammal Historia Söker Nytt Slut" Trio Lligo
*Stereolab "The Free Design" Cobra and Phrases...


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