Incorrect Music
with Irwin Chusid and Michelle Boulé

Wednesday Afternoons, 3PM to 4PM

Program #106 - Dec 1, 1999
Anton LaVey"Start the Day Right" Opening
Michele LeMay-(Requested by Joe)"Greatest Love of All"
Tokyo Folk Crusaders"I Only Live Twice"
Ken's Men Set:
Connie"Hey Playboy"
Bill Spiller"Hot Pants Girls"
Anselmo"What Is A Man?"
Sheldon Allman "Radioactive Mama"
Lavender Jane"View from a Gay Head"
Herbie Angell"Kahoutek"
Anne McDonagle"Traveling Through New Jersey"
Honor Blackman "World Without Love"
Program #107 - December 8, 1999
Leonard Nimoy"Where It's At"
Sidney Poitier"This I Know, That I Know Nothing"
Y. Bhekhirst"Everytime I (Think of You)"
Think"Once You Understand"
B.J. Snowden"School Teacher"
Pismo Beach Elementary School Band"To You I'm Not Home Anymore"
Oldfield Middle School Band"Deacon Blues"
Don Howard"Oh Happy Day"
Patricia Brady-Danzig"Where the Music Comes From"
Anonymous"Moon Pilot"
Rodd Rogers"Do the Pig"
Program #108 December 15, 1999
James 'Rebel' O'Leary"Wabash Cannonball"
James 'Rebel' O'Leary "Darlin' I No Longer Love You" & "Headin' to Nashville"
Anon."Curly Toes"
Cara Stewart"Song of the Burmese Land"
Sonny Maresco"Little Willy"
Dean Milan"I Can't Explain"
Dana Drake"Happy Happy Birthday"
Abe Heller"Moon River"
Shooby Taylor"Why Me, Lord?"
Xaviera Hollander"Michelle"
Patricia Brady-Danzig"Sweet Suffolk Owl" & "Oliver Cromwell"
Program #109 December 22, 1999
Seasonal Cheer Edition
Gail Angelos"Hello Santa"
Eilert Pilarm"Blue Christmas"
Miss Sza'vee"Prayer for Xmas"
Robert W. Maffia, Sr."I Want A Mommy and Daddy for Christmas"
Beulah"Santa Claus Kissed Me"
Dana Drake"A Nice Warm Christmas"
Chris Marshon"Bluest Christmas Ever"
Akim and Teddy Van Production Co."Natural Santa Claus"
George Appleyard & Chic Morrison Quartet"Dear Ole Dear Ole Santa"
Ken DeFeudis"Xmas Medley: Come All Ye Faithful/ Silent Night"
Les Wilson"Deck the Halls"
Akim"Santa Claus is a Black Man"
Program #110 December 29, 1999
** END TIMES Extravaganza **
Living Voices"Eve of Destruction"
Francis (Cannon) Baskerville"Earthquakes"
Sebastian Cabot"The Times They Are A-Changin'"
Wink Martindale"To Remember Me By"
The Believers"Don't Go To Heaven Alone"
Y. Bhekhirst"Time Passing"
Up With People"Which Way America"
Larry O'Neill"When the Storm is Done (Peace)"
James Cannings and Faith"We're Getting Better All the Time"
Baby Pam"God Bless Us All"
27th District Optimist International 11th Annual Convention"I'm An Optimist"
William Shatner"It Was a Very Good Year"
Lucia Pamela"In the Year 2000"

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