Incorrect Music
with Irwin Chusid and Michelle Boulé

Wednesday Afternoons, 3PM to 4PM

INCORRECT MUSIC Program #102 - November 3, 1999
Jack Kerouac"Ain't We Got Fun"
Sonny Bono"Pammy's On A Bummer"
Sonny Maresco"At the Save-A-Penny Super Store"
Jack Webb"When Sunny Gets Blue"
Robert Mitchum"Sunny"
Patricia Brady-Danzig"Come Ready and See Me"
Y. Bhekhirst"Freshing Air"
Dana Drake"London"
John 'Bowtie' Barstow"Loch Lomond"
Gordon Thomas"Linda"
Margaret Sloan"I'd Love To Make Love to You"
Program #103 November 10, 1999
Baby Lulu "Jesus Loves Me"
A.J. Marshall"By the Time I Get To Phoenix"
Dicken Elementary School Band"Proud Mary"
Sebastian Cabot"Like A Rolling Stone"
Martin Mechanic"Fell in Love with An Older Guy"
Patricia Brady-Danzig"Intro" / "I Am Rose"
Unknown"Moon Pilot"
Y. Bhekhirst"I Will Sing"
Dana Drake"This Book of the Law"
Stewart Brodian"When I Get Home to You"
Program #104 November 17, 1999
Gary Roberts and the Satellites"Do You Know the Difference Between Big Wood and Brush"
A.J. Marshall"The Mr. in Your Mrs. Kind of Life"
Peter Pan Singers"John F. Kennedy"
Norm Burns & 5 Stars"John F. Kennedy Was Called Away"
Fran Baskerville, the Singing Psychic "JFK - I Was Their" [sic]
Leonard Nimoy"Abraham, Martin and John"
Baby Lulu "Let the Sunshine In"
Dana Drake"Golden Biscuits"
Unknown"Moon Pilot"
Christine Jorgensen"Crazy Little Men"
Y. Bhekhirst"Hot in the Airport"
Program #105 - November 24, 1999
Dana Drake"Delightful Company"
Lionel Davis"Candy Pants"
Ed McMahon"Thank Heaven for Little Girls"
John 'Bowtie' Barstow"This Land Is Your Land"
Lucia Pamela"Indian Alphabet Chant"
The Addicts"Addicts' March"
Niki Rios & the Living Children "Thank You Magic Johnson"
Kay Weaver"Our Kitchen Prayer"
B.J. Snowden"America"
Luie Luie"What a Wonderful World"
Gordon Thomas"World Peace"
L. Ron Hubbard"Thank You For Listening"

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