Incorrect Music
with Irwin Chusid and Michelle Boulé

Wednesday Afternoons, 3PM to 4PM

Program #98 - October 6, 1999
Kadish Millett"Stamp Collecting"
Michelle Lemay"Welcome to the Jungle"
Tom Arico"When Your Gone"
American Standard"Proximatics"
Constance Mallis"Is It A Sin?" (excerpt)
Y. Bhekhirst"Dalmar"
Tammy Faye Bakker"The Joy of the Lord"
T.C. Jones"Sunless Sunday"
Abe Heller"Some Enchanted Evening"
Program #99 - October 13, 1999
Dana Drake"Ahoy, Columbus!"
Charles Ives"They Are Here"
James Moody"Moon River"
Lionel Hampton"California Dreaming"
Louis Armstrong"Give Peace a Chance"
Gordon Thomas"Singing in the Shower"
Sherry Alexander"Always" / "God Bless the Child"
Dusty Roads Rowe"Genevieve"
Y. Bhekhirst"Time Passing"
Lust Control"The Big M"
Neil Dick"I Really Flipped Over You"
Program #100 - October 20, 1999
Rose Marie Jun and Jack Carroll"One Big Union for Two"
Mr. Snuggles"Mr. Snuggles"
Joe Meek"My Baby Doll" (demo)
Frances Cannon, the Singing Psychic"Star's Ghost"
Wink Martindale"To Remember Me By"
Dana Drake"Niagara Falls"
anon"Michael Ferrucci"
Richard Peterson"After the Gold Rush"
Loretta Swit"I Hate Listerine" (from industrial prod. The Name of the Game)
Sonny Maresco"Little Willy"
Y. Bhekhirst"I Run My Car"
Program #101 - October 27, 1999
The Singing Irishman"Nightclub"
Judson Fountain"Granny, Sing No More"
Tokyo Folk Crusaders"I Only Live Twice"
B.J. Snowden "Drug Free"
Mario Martinelli"Unbelievable"
Y. Bhekhirst"You Dance"
Judson Fountain"The Wax Museum"
Ed and Alice Gorin"California Cruiser"
Art Linkletter"Dear Mom and Dad"

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