Incorrect Music
with Irwin Chusid and Michelle Boulé

Wednesday Afternoons, 3PM to 4PM

Program #85 - July 7, 1999
Claudia Wheeler"Take Down Your Drawers Miss Hemingway"
Kay Weaver"USA My Land My Country"
Jerome Carlson"We the People"
Arthur Grundig"The Symbol of Liberty"
Kal Anthony & Impalas"The Greening of America"
Owen Baxter, King of Irish C&W"Respect for the USA"
Pismo Beach Elementary School"To You I'm Not Home Anymore"
Danny Pearson"What's Your Sign Girl?"
Little Lisa"Put Your Hand in the Hand"
Tom Merlo"Our Flag" (bad skips)
Eilert Pilarm"Blue Hawaii"
Program #86 -July 14, 1999
Jandek"It Would Only Be Action"
Michelle LeMay"Burnin' Up"
Judson Fountain"Garbage Can From Thailand"
Supie T"In the Face of Coldness"
Herbie Angell"Kahoutek"
Paul London Silver"Thirty Dirty Mothers"
Arcesia"Mechanical Doll"
A.J. Marshall"Young Girl"
Ricky Miller"You'll Never Know"
Dick Reynolds"Stella By Starlight"
Program #87 - July 21, 1999
Chris Palestis "D'Ya Think I'm Sexy"
Chris Palestis "Tonight I'm Yours"
Anonymous"Keep Your Hands Off My Car"
Ivo Araujo"Estarla Bai Estar Laite" (Stella by Starlight)
Recurring Love Habit"A Day in the Life"
Mel & Tim"Spinning Wheel"
Paul London Silver"Coin Toss Center"
Luie Luie"Tortilla Factory Touchy"
Congress Woman Malinda Jackson Parker"Cousin Mosquito (vers. 1)"
Michael O. Sullivan, the Singing Irishman"The Nightclub"
Rajput & the Sepoy Mutiny"Up, Up and Away"
Program #88 July 28, 1999
Community Helpers"The Sanitation Man"
Brother Hood"Woodstock Nation"
Norm Burns & 5 Stars"John F. Kennedy Was Called Away"
Dick Kent"The Sailor's Anthem"
Frances Cannon, the Singing Psychic "JFK - I Was Their" [sic]
"Dusty Roads" Rowe"Baby Your Love's in Town"
Michael Owen Sullivan, the Singing Irishman"Disneyland Christmas" & "Balloon Man"
Garfield Heights Jr. HS Stage Band"A Hard Day's Night"
Congress Woman Malinda Jackson Parker"Cousin Mosquito Pt. 2"
Ivo Araujo"Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini"
Buddy Raye"Why Should I Be?"

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