Incorrect Music
with Irwin Chusid and Michelle Boulé

Wednesday Afternoons, 3PM to 4PM

Incorrect Music Playlist for June 1999
Program #80 - June 2, 1999
Sanborn Singers"What Is Amway?"
Amway Singers "Recruit - Train - Motivate"
GE's World of Silicone"Answers"
Shooby Taylor"Over the Rainbow"
Gary Strivent"Something"
Sam Chalpin"Batman"
anon."I Care About Detroit"
Eddie Murray"Steppin' High Dance"
Living Voices"Positively 4th Street"
Program #81 - June 9, 1999
Ed McMahon"Thank Heaven For Little Girls"
Little Lisa"Proud Mary"
Ginny Tiu Revue"The Magic Sandman"
Gary Strivent" Young Girl"
Bonnie Lingnofski"Tax Man Blues"
Keith Bradford"Tough Love"
Barbara St. John"Time of Love¹s Returning"
Camp Roosevelt Œ81"Oh, Money"
Tom Arico"Oh Laurie"
Jim Hlavachek & Terry Scholz"Pushin¹ It"
Jack Barrett"I Want a Nurse"
Sylvia Lipson"Crown Heights Pogrom"
Program #82 - June 16, 1999
Wooshi Spkomoto"I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again"
Uri Geller"Velvet Space"
Lust Control"The Big M"
Xaviera Hollander"My Faithful Friend"
anon"Curly Toes"
Wild Man Fischer & Rosemary Clooney"It's a Hard Business"
anon."Michael Ferrucci"
Arcesia"White Panther"
Mattlin Jr. High Symphonic Band"Salsoul Hustle"
Terry Burnside"Repertoire Medley"
Sabrina"Boys Boys Boys"
Program #83 - June 23, 1999
Michelle Boulé with guest co-host Sean Smith
Carol Burnett and Julie AndrewsInterminable Musical Medley
Hollyridge Strings OrchestraI am the Walrus
Reader's DigestSomebody to Love
Edmundo RosHari Krishna
Christian Con Man: Introduction plus Margie
Evel KnivelWhy
Hervé VillachaizeWhy
Sean SmithOver the Rainbow
Leona AndersonRats in My Room
Program #84 - June 30, 1999
Rickie Miller"Blue Velvet"
Michelle LeMay"Manic Monday"
John Bowtie Bastow"Daisy"
Ed McMahon"The Most Beautiful Girl in the World"
"Pertaining to J&H Productions"
Supie T (Superstar Dan Theman)"Don't Make Me Over"
Mattlin Jr. High Symphonic Band"Marching Up Broadway"
Barry Tiffin"Candy Bars for Elvis"

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