Incorrect Music
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Wednesday Afternoons, 3PM to 4PM

Incorrect Music Playlist for Apr 1999
Program #72 - April 7, 1999
Mouseketeers"Fun With Music"
Christian Con Man"My Valentine"
The Mormon Kids"I'm a Mormon"
The Believers"Don't Go To Heaven Alone"
Travelers Gospel Quartet"Bibles for Sale"
MSR Singers"At the Time"
song-poem demo"Cruise Around the Planets"
John "Bowtie" Barstow"Yesterday"
Thomas Bakelo High"Theme from Shaft"
O. Henry Intermediate School #70 Stage Band"S.W.A.T. Theme"
Long Meadow Jr High"Harper Valley PTA"
Wayne"Farrington Mine Disaster 1968"
Program #73 - April 14, 1999
Donzelli's Group"Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep"
Eva Grabo, Int'l Singing Star"'S Wonderful"
Sabrina"Boys, Boys, Boys"
Jim Noste"I Get A Kick Out of You"
unknown"The Prance Dance"
B.J. Snowden"WFMU Song"
Michelle Lemay"Welcome to the Jungle"
Y. Bhekhirst"Hot in the Airport"
Lust Control"The Big M"
anonymous"Virgin Child of the Universe"
Mormon Kids"I Want to be A Mother"
Program #74 - April 21, 1999 Guest co-host: Sean Smith
Rick Rondone"Ballad of the Continental Cowboy"
Danny White "You Got Me By the Heart"
anon."She's My Girl"
Christian Con Man"Grandsons Pat and Lee"
Dick Whittinghill"Apology at Bedtime"
J.D. Sumner"Elvis Has Left the Building"
Dave's ex-girlfriend Julie"Girl From Ipanema"
Lonesome Gal"I'm a Real Lonesome Gal"
Xaviera Hollander"Michelle"
Ali Mapo & His Girls"I Really Don't Want to Know"
A.J. Marshall"Young Girl"
Program #75 - April 28, 1999
Luie Luie"Touch Me With All Your Heart"
Len Fairchuck"Centennial 67"
B.J. Snowden"In Canada" (live @ WFMU)
Eddie Murray"Montreal, Canada Blues"
Lionel Davis"Candy Pants"
Dick Kent"Bongo, King of the Jungle"
Bobbie Blake"Little Betsy and her Goat"
Christian Con Man"Maui Girl"
Chris Palestis"Ebony & Ivory"
John 'Bowtie' Barstow"I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover"

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