Incorrect Music
with Irwin Chusid and Michelle Boulé

Wednesday Afternoons, 3PM to 4PM

Incorrect Music Playlist for Feb 1999
Program #64 - February 3, 1999 Black History Month Tribute
Shooby Taylor"Lift Every Voice and Sing"
James Brown"Strangers in the Night"
BJ Snowden"Leslie"
Rashi"One on One"
Eilert"In the Ghetto"
Mr. Excelsior w/Nat King Cole"Let's Pretend"
MSR Singers"The Saddest Story"
Sidney Poitier"This I Know, That I Know Nothing"
Greg Morris"For Once In My Life"
Lionel Hampton"California Dreaming"
Kool & Gang"Heaven At Once"
Ray Conniff Singers"Shaft"
Leonard Nimoy"Abraham Martin and John"
Program #65 - February 10, 1999
The Brothers Five"The Way We Were"
Sabrina"Boys, Boys, Boys"
Margaret Sloan"I'd Like to Make Love to You"
Michelle Lemay"The Greatest Love of All"
The Shaggs"I'm So Happy When You're Near"
Dean Milan"She Said It"
Rose"I Love My Man"
Eilert Pilarm"Are You Lonesome Tonight"
Jess Conrad"Why Am I Living?"
Joy and David"Doopy Darling"
Lionel Davis"Candy Pants"
Dennis Pedevillano"After the Lovin'"
Program #66 - February 17, 1999
John Bowtie Barstow"The Happy Days Theme"
Cara Stewart"Burmese Land"
Calvin Braxton"Love Me Tender"
Tangela Tricoli"Stinky Poodle"
Michelle Lemay"Wanted: Dead or Alive"
Steve"Running Free"
Uri Geller"Velvet Space"
Nimoy "Lost in the Stars"
Beach Boys"Solar System"
Dania Kara"The Jackie Gleason Song"
Boruk Glasgow"Eddie My Love"
Winston Smart"Imagine"
Program #67 - February 24, 1999
John "Bowtie" Barstow"Alley Oop"
Rick Rondone"Change (My Whole Life If You Want)"
Jeannie Reynolds"Papa"
Louis Armstrong"Give Peace a Chance"
Stewart Brodian"Gigolo Aunt"
Kadish Millet"Soccer (Association Football)"
Michelle Lemay"Burnin' Up"
Y. Bhekhirst"Hot in the Airport"
O. Henry Intermediate School #70 Stage Band"Vehicle"
Telly Savalas"I Shall Be Released"

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