Incorrect Music
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Incorrect Music Playlist for Jul 1998
Program #35 - July 1, 1998
Ken DeFeudis"Home to Rockport"
Michelle Lemay"Welcome to the Jungle"
anon."Curley Toes"
Tangela Tricoli"Stinky Poodle"
Cara Stewart"Song of the Burmese Land"
Spring Glen Grade School Orch."Someone to Watch Over Me"
Sylvia Lipson"Crown Heights Pogrom"
Mysterious Clown"Mysterious Clown"
Les Lane and Swingers"So Much In Love"
W. Scott Schell"Bury Deep Your Guns"
Hugh Mility"Be Humble"
Program #36 - July 8, 1998
Hayley Mills"A Tisket, A Tasket"
Patty Duke"Downtown"
Michael Fobes"Rock Around the Clock"
Anon."Do The Tickle"
Anon."The Prance"
Greg Morris"For Once in My Life"
Jack Webb"Try A Little Tenderness"
Sam Irvin"Bridge Over Troubled Water"
A.J. Marshall"This Guy's In Love"
Don Ho"Didn't We"
Judson Fountain"The Castle of Lo Sein"
Program #37 - July 15, 1998
Shatner"Lucy in the Sky"
Chris Palestis"Don't You Want Me Baby?"
Carol Burnett & Julie Andrews"Interminable Medley"
Cara Stewart"Burmese Land"
April Stevens"Teach Me Tiger"
Lucille Cataldo"Hairdresser Hairdresser"
South Bay Surfers"Teenager In Love"
Program #38 - July 22, 1998
Jimmie Ruth"If The Lord Makes You a Plumber"
Sister Mary Renee, OSF"Okie From Muskogee"
South Bay Surfers"Lollipop"
Lionel Davis"Candy Pants"
Shaggs"Sweet Thing"
Barry Tiffin"Candy Bars for Elvis"
Lee Marvin"Wanderin' Star"
Y. Bhekhirst"Hot in the Airport"
Julie London"The Mighty Quinn"
Nick DeMatteo"Is It Hot in Here or Is It Just Me"
The Music Magicians"Convertibles and Headbands"
Shooby Taylor"Peg O' My Heart"
Barbara Cartland"Always"
Program #39 - July 29, 1998
South Bay Surfers"Short Shorts"
Malinda Jackson Parker"Mosquito"
Barbara Taggart A.S.C.A.P."Summer Wonderland"
Dania Kara"The Jackie Gleason Song"
Lucia Pamela"Dear Me"
Frances Cannon"UFOs are Here"
Legendary Stardust Cowboy"Fly Me to the Moon"
Michelle Lemay"Into the Groove"
A J Marshall"Little Green Apples"
Clint Eastwood"Are You Satisfied"
Bob Lloyd"Our Hearts Were Meant to Beat as One"
Norm Burns (MSR)"Baby, Set Your Date on Time"
Chris Palestis"D'ya Think I'm Sexy"

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