Incorrect Music
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Wednesday Afternoons, 3PM to 4PM

Incorrect Music Playlist for May 1998
Program #28 - May 6, 1998
Tangela Tricoli"Jet Lady"
Art Linkletter"Dear Mom and Dad"
Kathy Fire"Mother Rage"
MSR Singers"Devil's Daughter"
The Last Patriot"Mother Earth"
Paulette Ray"Real Estate in Florida"
Shaggs"Who Are Parents"
Dick Biondi"Letter to Mom"
Les Wilson"Tonight We Love"
Kadish Millet"Stamp Collecting"
Ivo Araujo"Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie...."
Wesley Willis"I Whupped Batman's Ass"
John Trubee"Blind Man's Penis"
Program #29 - May 13, 1998
Elvis Don RingoI'm the Real Ringo"
Don Ohman Sr."We Love to Roof Your House"
Robert Bergment[bad karoake tape]
Mrs. Miller"The Shadow of Your Smile"
Xaviera Hollander"Michelle"
Les Wilson"Love Me Tender"
Les Wilson"Blue Moon"
Eilert Pilarm"All Shook Up"
Honor Blackman"World Without Love"
Harvey Sid Fisher"Taurus"
Judson Fountain"Mr. Shilita"
Program #30 - May 27, 1998
Phil Milstein (AS/PMA) interviewed via phone.
unknownThe Prance
Gary Roberts & Satellites"The Difference Between Big Wood & Brush"
Gene Marshall"Evelyn Christmas"
Dick Kent"Octopus Woman, Please Let Me Go"
Cara Stewart"Song Of The Burmese Land"
Jim Lea"The Doing Of Our Thing"
Rodd Keith"Ecstacy [sic] To Frenzy"
The Craftsmen"The Disco Blinkey"
Kay Weaver"Isotopic-Spatial Series"
Bobbi Blake"Betsy And Her Goat"
David Fox"Non Violent Taekwondo Troopers"
Rod & The MSR Singers"Beat Of The Traps"

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