Incorrect Music
with Irwin Chusid and Michelle Boulé

Wednesday Afternoons, 3PM to 4PM

Playlist for Feb 1998
Program #15 - February 4, 1998
MSR Singers "Devil's Daughter"
Lillay Deay "He's A Devil"
Dick Kent "Octopus Woman Let Me Go"
Mike Pedicin Quartet "I'm Hip"
Lucia Pamela"Hap-Hap-Happy Heart"
Christine Jorgensen "Crazy Little Men"
Kerr/LeBlanc "The Ballad of MacLeod, Best and Banting"
Niki Rios/Living Children "Thank You Magic Johnson"
Shatner "Cyrano de Bergerac"
Jim Noste "We've Only Just Begun"
Carol Burnett "Rainy Days and Mondays"
Campi Akiba Kids "Sing"
Eleanor Kennelly School "Close to You"
Program #16 - February 11, 1998
Nick DeMatteo "Is It Hot in Here, or Is It Just Me"
Michelle Lemay "Greatest Love Of All"
Dean Milan "Love Express Internationale"
Margie Pet "I Feel So Good"
Tiny Tim "She Left Me With Herpes"
Ken DeFeudis "Run For Cover Lover"
Mitchell Stone "Trunk Full of Memories"
Joey Bishop "Born To Lose"
Rosie Smith "It's A Crusher"
Dickie Lee "Laurie"
Kadish Millett "The Olympics"
Program #17 - February 18, 1998
Ron Davis "Escape Society"
Bing Crosby "Up, Up and Away"
Lucia Pamela "Walking on the Moon"
Bobbe Norris "Quiet Room"
Steve Bent "I'm Going to Spain"
Barbara Taggart "Summer Wonderland"
Michelle "The Mutter Poem"
Teri Summers/Librettos "Cities Hospitals Patients"
Patti Jerome "Hurt O'Clock"
Jack Barrett "I Want A Nurse"
Julie London "Louie Louie"
Pat Campbell "The Deal"
Think "Once You Understand"
Elvis "Confidence"
Program #18 - February 25, 1998
Zip Code Rapists "The President's Song"
Rodd, Teri/MSR Singers "God Gave Us R. Nixon"
Norm Burns & 5 Stars "JFK Was Called Away"
Sam Lipton "If the President Don't Call You"
Louis Lopes"Georgie and the Bush Con-nites"
Sing Along With JFK "Ask Not Waltz"
Gene Marshall "Jimmy Carter Says Yes"
Sharif "Ronald Racist Rambo Mad Dog Baby Killer Reagan"
Frances Cannon, the Singing Psychic "Lincoln's Ghost"
Talent show "Around the World"
Stan Gilmer "Atlantic City, Big Time Town"
Jimmy Sapienza "I Love Pittsburgh"
Beau James "Going Back to Hackensack"
Elvis "Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce"
Gordon Thomas "World Peace"

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