Incorrect Music
with Irwin Chusid and Michelle Boulé

Wednesday Afternoons, 3PM to 4PM

Playlist for Jan 1998
Program #11 - January 7, 1998
Robert Mitchum "Sunny"
Sonny Bono "I Just Sit There"
The Challengers "Needles and Pins"
Sonny Bono "Misty Roses"
Mario Martinelli "Unbelievable"
Tom Merlo "Our Flag"
Jerome Carlson "We the People"
Kay Weaver "U.S.A. My Land My Country"
anon. "I Care About Detroit"
Fergus macRoy "Is God Dead"
Sri Darwin Gross "It Just Is"
Program #12 - January 14, 1998
Omo the Hobo "Hey Fireman"
Homeless Men Sing Elvis "Crying in the Chapel"; "Love Me Tender"
Edmundo Ros "Hari Krishna"
Shooby "It Is No Secret What God Can Do"
Kay Weaver "Our Kitchen Prayer"
Shatner "It Was a Very Good Year"
Clint Eastwood "Are You Satisfied"
Soupy Sales "For Once In My Life"
Fabian "Hold Me In Your Arms"
John Travolta "It Had To Be You"
Freda Moss "Morning Train"
Program #13 - January 21, 1998
Joey Bishop "You're the Reason I'm Living"
Ken DeFeudis "You Are My Destiny"
Schmuel "A Gigolo is Hard to Be"
Anon. "Curly Toes"
Michael Fobes "Rock Around the Clock"
Jan & Dean "Lightning Strikes"
Michael Daniel Byas "You May Be Right"
William Shatner "Taxi"
Brothers Four "Revolution"
John Davidson "Blowing in the Wind"
Living Voices "Eve of Destruction"
Pierre Raymond's Erotic Aerobics "Sensual Warmup"
Program #14 - January 28, 1998
Wooshie Spkamoto "I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again"
William Dominoe "Move Two Mountains"
Sherry Alexander "Always" / "God Bless the Child"
Michelle LeMay "Burnin' Up"
Leonard Nimoy "Where it's At"
Sidney Poitier "This I Know That I Know Nothing"
Hansadutta Swami "Most Weird Abode"
William Shatner "The Transformed Man"
Red Shadow "Understanding Marx"
Soviet Army Chorus "It's A long Way to Tipperary"
MSR Singers "God Gave us Richard Nixon"
Sylvia Boshers "Wake Up America

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