Incorrect Music
with Irwin Chusid and Michelle Boulé

Wednesday Afternoons, 3PM to 4PM

Playlist for Nov 1997
Program #3 - November 5, 1997
Ric Rondone "Little Devil"
John Trubee "Blind Man's Penis"
Gordon Thomas "All Over Town"
Lavender Jane "View from a Gay Head"
Chris Palestis "I Love Rock and Roll"
Eilert Pilarm "All Shook Up"
Shelley Stewart "Yummy, Yummy, Dum, Dum"
A.J. Marshall"What Do You Get When You Fall in Love"
Christian Con Man "Blade of Grass"
Paul "SuperApple" Moralia Intro / "Apple Love"
Program #4 - November 12, 1997
Anton LaVey "Start the Day Right"
B.J. Snowden "98"
Jim Noste "Penthouse Serenade"
Shooby Taylor "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
Jandek "12 Seconds to February 32nd"
Margaret Sloan "I'd Love To Make Love to You"
T. Valentine "Hello Lucille, Are You A Lesbian?"
Burt Reynolds "She's Taken a Gentle Lover"
Xaviera Hollander "My Faithful Friend"
Gene Marshall "All You Need is a Fertile Mind"
Joe Meek "Telstar" 1962 homemade demo
Tammy Faye "Oops, There Comes a Smile!"
Program #5 - November 19, 1997
Adolph Babel "My Feet Start Tapping"
unknown "Michael Ferruci"
Paul 'Super Apple' Moralia "The Chance"
Evel Knieval "Why"
Judson Fountain "Granny, Sing No More"
Christian Con Man [How He Got His Name]
Pertaining to J&H Prods.
Royalaires "Overture from Tommy" (incomplete)

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