Incorrect Music Playlists for November, 2001

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November 7, 2001 (#207)
Phil Phillips - "The Evil Dope"
Little Birdie - "Why Do People Try and Hurt Little Birdie"
Michelle Lemay - "Manic Monday"
Roger Dicken - "Mr. President I Miss My Daddy"
A.J. Marshall - "Young Girl"
Ken Bower - "I Will Survive (Square Dance version)"
Amy Arena - "Make Love To Myself"
DaVido - "Breathing Love"
Princess Diana, The Musical - "Hope in My Heart"
Ivo Araujo - "Estrendges Im Da Nai"

November 14, 2001 (#208)
Bob Vido - "Boo-Bah-Bah"  
Dick Kent (comp. Pablo Feliciano) - "Five Feet Nine and a Half Inches Tall"
Princess Diana, The Musical - "Little Kid / You've Got Style"  
Donnell Langs - "It Was Pourin' Down"
Mel & Dave - "Spinning Wheel"  
Michelle LeMay - "Live to Tell"  
Chris Palestis - "Ebony & Ivory"  
Ann Lever - "Walkin' After Midnight"  
Donzelli's Group - "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep"  

November 21, 2001 (#209)
The Mickey Mouse Club - "Fun With Music"  
Dick Kent - "Our Thanksgiving Blessings Are Great"
Fran Baskerville - "The Grassy Knoll"  
Wink Martindale - "To Remember Me By"  
The Three Acorns with Tracie & Christy - "E.T. Phone Home"
Donnell Langs - "Love Is Raging"
Luie Luie - "Touch Me With All Your Heart"
Alvin Dahn - "You're Driving Me Mad "
anon. - "Midwifery" (Norman Casserley)
Norris the Troubadour Seaboard Coastliners - "Midwifery" (Norman Casserley)

November 28, 2001 (#210)
anon. - "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"
Dick Kent - "Octopus Woman Please Let Me Go"
Denise Rosner/Camp Akiba (1976) - "Big Spender"
Mel Moore & the Sparklers - "Speed"
Buddy Max - "The Birthmark Story"
Frank Perry - "Midwifery"
(Norman Casserley) Jiminy Cricket & Rica Moore - "The Cannibal Song"
Donnell Langs - "Even Though We Are Friends"
Girl Joey (Manago) - "Glad to Be Gay"
Princess Diana, The Musical - "There Was a Time"

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