Incorrect Music Playlists for October, 2001

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October 3, 2001 (#202)
Guest host: Ken Smith author of "Junk English"

Up With People - "Which Way America"
Abe Heller - "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing"
Patricia Brady-Danzig - "Sweet Suffolk Owl"
Dean Milan - "Do It Like A Dog"
Pierre Raymond - "The Stripper's Strut"
Bill Spiller - "Hot Pants Girls"
Mr. Paul "Super Apple" Moralia - "Message To Keith Richards/Apple Love"
Mystic Zephyrs - "Youthquake"
Girls with Attitude - "Don't Judge Me (Stay How We Are)"
Boruk Glasgow - "Eddie My Love"

October 10, 2001 (#203)
Guest host: IM webmaster Joshua Tanzer

Omo the Hobo - "Police Officer"
Boo Boo Kitty - "Umpin"
Boo Boo Kitty - "Shake Ur Body"
Digital Droo - "Developers!"
Java Jel - "Gestapo Soundman"
Ralph Lowe - "You Must Believe in God"
Charlie Solak - "Can You Keep Your Legs Together"
Bryan and Marcy - "I Wish I Were a Lesbian"
Stanley D. Hoffman - "Diana!" musical medley: "I Could Make Him Happy" / "What I Like" / "The Royals Are At It Again" / "Love Follows Where You Are"
P.I.C - "PB&J"

October 17, 2001 (#204)
Alvin Dahn - "Kick Off Your Shoes"
Richard Craig Hackley - "God's Backhand"
Fran Baskerville - "Dangerous Tools"
Princess Diana, The Musical - "Leave Her Alone" / "Spinning (Reprise)"
Amy Arena - "Cheeseburger"
Wildfire - "Summer of 1969"
Michelle - "The Mutter Poem"
1977 Driftwood Bands - "Feelin' Groovy"
Red River Dave - "California Hippy Murders"
Metcalfe 8th Grade Concert Band - "Do You Know the Way to San Jose"
Gordon Thomas - "Boogie Dancing"

October 24, 2001 (#205)
guest programmers: The Bran Flakes (Otis Fodder & Sir Mildred Pitt)
Naomi Hall (remixed by Otis Fodder) - " Incorrect Music Theme "
Steve Laughery - "Spinning Wheel"
Ricky Segall and the Segalls - "Say, Hey, Willie"
Murray Wilson - "The Colonel's March"
Eve Plumb - "How Will It Be?"
Michael Tyrone Boyd and Doug the Dog - "Did Ezekiel See a UFO?"
Jerry Mathers - "Wind Up Toy"
The Thinkcorrect Music Encounter (Michelle, Irwin, Otis, Sir Mildred, & Carlo) - "Once You Understand"
Judson Fountain - "Granny Sing No More"
Mossilene Miles - "Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing"
Greg Morris - "The Look Of Love"
DaVido - "You Can Buy My Broken Heart (On Your TV)
Arcesia - "Pictures in My Window"

October 31, 2001 (#206)
guest co-programmer: Miss Barbara Economon
Anton LeVay - "Start the Day Right"
Jiminy Cricket & Rica Moore - "The Cannibal Song"
Johnny Legend - "Smitty"
Rodd Keith - "Run, Spook, Run"
Gene Marshall - "We Are Men Counting Sheep"
Uncle Sam and the All-Saved Muplet Band - "Uncle Sam Blows the Whistle on Satan"
Righteous Pop Music - "Sacred Agent Man"
MSR Singers - "Devil's Daughter"
Lillay Deay - "He's A Devil"
Shaggs - "It's Halloween"
anon. - "Papa, Let's Go Fishing"
Righteous Pop Music - "Elijah's Movin'"
MSR Singers - "How Long Are You Staying"

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