Incorrect Music Playlists for September, 2001

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Septmber 5, 2001 (#198)
Space Lady - "Twentieth Century Fox"
Amy Arena - "Excuse Me"
Bob Vido - "Hello Pretty Girl"
anonymous - "The King" (comp. Vincent Lewis, Jr.)
Lee Scott - "Love In A Ring" (comp. Amy Mattson)
Fran Baskerville, the Singing Psychic - "When You're Hot You're Hot"
Leonard Nimoy - "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins"
Princess Diana, The Musical - "He's Such a Man (Reprise)" / "Charles, I Need Help Please"
Mario Martinelli - "Unbelievable"
Xerox Corp.: Take It From Here (1963) - "Dream of Destiny"
Stewart Brodian - "A Sample of My Old Self (medley)"

Septmber 12, 2001 (#199)
Shooby Taylor, The Human Horn - "Over the Rainbow"
James Cannings & Faith - "We're Getting Better All The Time"
anon. - "Mr. Snuggles"
Dana Drake - "Happy Happy Birthday"
Anonymous - "I Care About Detroit"
Sylvia Boshers - "Wake Up America"
Alvin Dahn - "You're Driving Me Mad"
Judy Cross - "Duck Walk"
Princess Diana, The Musical - "She's the Star!"
Van Morrison Bang Records Contractual Obligation Demos - "Ring Worm" / "Freaky If You Got This Far" / "Up Your Mind" / "All the Bits"
B.J. Snowden - "America"
uKay Weaver - "U.S.A. My Land My Country"
Lee Scott - "This is My Country"
Jim Noste - "Sentimental Journey"
Dick Kent - "The Sailor's Anthem"
MSR Singers - "At the Time"
Freda Moss - "You Gave Me a Mountain"
Y. Bhekhirst - "Hot in the Airport"
O. Henry Intermediate School #70 Stage Band - "S.W.A.T. Theme"
Princess Diana, The Musical - "Just Once (Reprise)" / "Medley of Nations"
Ken DeFeudis - "New York, New York"
Gordon Thomas - "World Peace"
Tammy Faye Bakker - "Oops, There Comes a Smile!"

Septmber 26, 2001 (#201)
Ella Gibson - "Because We Care"
Gen Orange - "My Treasure"
Omo the Hobo - "Fireman"
Sebastian Cabot - "Blowin' in the Wind"
Think - "Once You Understand"
Jim Allenspach/Singing Dictionary - "Once You Understand"
Charles Ives - "They Are Here (War Song)"
Sheryl Hogue - "I Am a Winner"
Tallulah Bankhead - "Grand Old Flag"
Luie Luie - "Sweet and Tender Touchy"
Princess Diana, The Musical - "Phenomenon!" / "Hello, Phillie"

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