Incorrect Music Playlists for August, 2001

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August 1, 2001 (#193)
Michael Fobes - "Rock Around the Clock"
Space Lady - "Major Tom"
Red Atkins - "Hunk of a Punk"
Wildfire - "It's Only Love"
Van Morrison/The Bang Contractual Obligation Demos (excerpts) - "Twist and Shake" / "Shake and Roll" / "Stomp and Scream" / "Scream and Holler" / "Jump and Thump" / "Drivin' Wheel" / "Just Ball"
Kilopop - "Who Are Parents"
Leonard Nimoy - "Consilium"
Princess Diana, The Musical - "Now That I'm in Love"
Rick Rondone - "Adios Mi Amor"
Rockin' With Barbara - "Big Hai From Tokyo"

August 8, 2001 (#194)
Wildfire - "Sharp Dressed Man"
Wayne and Liz - "God is Good"
Princess Diana, The Musical - "Whole World's Spinning!"
Alvaro and His Singing Nose - "Men Don't Cry (They Sing)"
Mae West - "Twist and Shout"
Teri Summers/Librettos - "Cities Hospitals Patients"
Frank and Nancy Sinatra - "Life's a Trippy Thing"
Rick Rondone - "Change (My Whole Life If You Want)"
Ray Korona Band - "(If Therešs Sexual Harassment) I'm Calling the Law"
Rockin' With Barbara - "Going and Coming"
Stuart Hannay - "When We Go To France"

August 15, 2001 (#195)
Alvin Dahn - "You're Driving Me Mad"
Bob Vido - "Fridge-onometer"
Ann Lever - "Stand By Your Man"
Wayne - "Living Off the Fat of the Land"
Hindu Kush Mountain Boys - "Peddar Zaskq"
Eve Engelbrite - "Our God Will Fight For Us"
Doktor Pete - "GE Silicones: The Answer" (Singing Dictionary version)
Leonard Nimoy - "Amphibious Assault"
Princess Diana, The Musical - "Suspicion"
Rockin' With Barbara - "Use a Little Pressure"

August 22, 2001 (#196)
Anne McDonagle - "Traveling Thru New Jersey"
Spring Glen Grade School Orch. - "Someone to Watch Over Me"
The Space Riders - "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Duncan Johnson - "The Big Architect in the Sky"
Mike Pedicin Quintet - "I'm Hip"
Leonard Nimoy - "Contact"
Princess Diana, The Musical - "One of England's Moments"
Dana Drake - "London"
Bob Vido - "High Speed"
Ann Lever - "Crazy"
The Ray Siliconniff Singers - "GE Silicones: The Answer"

August 29, 2001 (#197)
Gordon Thomas-"The Shower Song"
Martin Mechanic-"Feels So Good Loving You"
Michelle LeMay-"The Greatest Love Of All"
Brian Woland-"The World Of Gorillas And Monkeys"
John "Bowtie" Barstow-"She's Too Fat For Me"
Living Voices-"Like A Rolling Stone"
Sing Along With J.F.K.-"The Trumpet Summons Us Again"
Bob Lloyd-"Our Hearts Were Meant To Beat As One"
Spring Glen Grade School Orchestra-"Stray Cat Strut"
Gen Orange-"Thunderstorm"
Dicken Elementary School Band-"Five-Foot-Two"
Great Society Band-"March Of The Astronauts"

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