Incorrect Music Playlists for July, 2001

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Program #189 - July 4, 2001
B.J. Snowden - "America"
Irwin Levine & the American Children - "Let's All Sing a Song About America"
Lenny Drake - "I Have A Love For America"
June Griffin - "America's Sonata"
Charles Ives - "They Are There"
Alvin Dahn - "Don't Throw Your Dreams Away"
Michael Daniel Byas - "You May Be Right"
Jimmy Mitchell - "Eres Tu"
Red Atkins - "Hunk of a Punk"
Talent Show - "God Bless America"

Program #190 - July 11, 2001
Frank Masi - "What I Did For Love"
Girls With Attitude - "Don't Judge Me"
Wooshie Spkamoto - "Lady"
Princess Diana, The Musical - "Just Once"
Dana Drake - "Delightful Company"
Wesley Willis - "The Chicken Cow"
Rodney Allen Rippey - "Everybody Knows"
Rick Rondone - "Beautiful Children"
Kay Weaver - "Our Kitchen Prayer"
Barbara Taggart (A.S.C.A.P.) [sic] - "Summer Wonderland"
Luie Luie - "What a Wonderful World"

Program #191 - July 18, 2001
Stairway to Stardom House Band - "I Can't Get Started"
Van Morrison/The Bang Contractual Obligation Demos - "The Big Royalty Check"
/ "Ring Worm" / "Savoy Hollywood" / "Thirty Two" / "All The Bits" / "You Say France and I'll Whistle"
anon - "Pertaining to J&H Productions"
Princess Diana, The Musical - "In My Life" / "He's Such A Man!"
Judson Fountain - "Captain Hale Goes to Japan"
The Singing Dictionary (Jim Allenspach) - "Anarchy in the UK"

Program #192 - July 25, 2001
Korean Children's Choir - "Up, Up and Away"
Wildfire - "Paranoid"
Princess Diana, The Musical - "In This Lifetime"
Ken DeFeudis - "You Are My Destiny"
John Alexander - "Loretta Canyon Apache Blues"
Geologist - "More"
Van Morrison/The Bang Contractual Obligation Demos - "Nose in Your Blow" / "Want a Danish" / "Here Comes Dumb George" / "Chickee Coo" / "Goodbye George" / "Dumb Dumb George"
anon. - "Curly Toes"
Sharon Cook - "The Way We Were"
Myron Lockett - "Misty"

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