Incorrect Music Playlists for June, 2001

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June 6, 2001 (#185)
Aunt Bertha's Singtime - "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam"
Shodder Grayson - "The Rapture of the Leaf"
Alvin Dahn Documentary (prod. Fred Betschen)
Rockin' With Barbara - "I Like To"

June 13, 2001 (#186)
Alvin Dahn - "Lonesome River"
Naomi Hall - "Bride of the Monster"
The Kids of Camp Akiba - "Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing"
Girls With Attitude - "When You Do This To Me"
Tom Cleland - "All Mosquitoes Must Die"
Congress-Woman Malinda Jackson Parker - "Cousin Mosquito"
Fred Langer - "You're the Sweetest Little Fetus"
Billy Grey - "What Love Is All About" (comp. Rosemary Karshis)
Rockin' With Barbara - "Sweet Baby Mind"
anon. - "Boys, Boys, Boys"

June 20, 2001 (#187)
Lucille Cataldo - "Hairdresser, Hairdresser"
Tom Wilson - "Lesbian Seagull"
Dean Milan - "Do It Like a Dog" Margaret Sloan - "I'd Love To Make Love to You (Because You Are A Woman Too)"
Ric Rondone - "I Gotta Be Me"
Alvin Dahn - "Kick Off Your Shoes"
Naomi Hall - "Got Away Clean"
Genius - "Crazy Train"
Girls With Attitude - "You Know"
Y. Bhekhirst - "Hot in the Airport"
Aunt Bertha - "Onward Christian Soldiers"

June 27, 2001 (#188)
The Space Lady - "Puttin' on the Ritz"
Princess Diana, The Musical - "Everything Happens" / "It's Gonna Be!"
Tangela Tricoli - "Time Is On Our Side"
Patricia Brady-Danzig - "I Am Rose" / "Er der Herrlichste von allen"
Richard Craig Hackley - "God's Backhand"
Alvin Dahn Concert Promo
Alvin Dahn - "You're Driving Me Mad"
Nicholas Stern - "Slapshot Rock"
Y. Bhekhirst - "Rain in the Summer"
San Lucas Band - "Marcha Numero Quatro"
B.J. Snowden - "God's Love"

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