Incorrect Music Playlists for April, 2001

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April 4, 2001 (#176)
Naomi Hall - "Incorrect Music Theme"
Royalaires - "Tommy"
Wayne and Liz - "A World Without God"
Lust Control - "You Make Me Puke"
John Barfield & the Truth Ensemble - "The Blacks"
Dick Kent - "On Blackness" (lyrics: Victor Gadsden)
The Space Lady - "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night"
Girls With Attitude - "Don't Judge Me"
The Hilltoppers - "I'd Rather Die Young"
Mike Pedecin Quintet - "I'm Hip"
Think - "Once You Understand"

April 11, 2001 (#177)
Ella Fitzgerald - "Sunshine of Your Love"
Tom Arico - "Baby on the Way"
Lee Scott - "Generation Gap" (lyrics: Allegra Pope)
Wayne and Liz - "The Ten Commandments"
Ken DeFeudis - "Come Back Serena"
Troy Hess - "Please Don't Go Topless Mother"
Geologist - "More"
Girls With Attitude - "A Fun Time is A Great Time"
The Space Lady - "From the Womb to the Tomb"
Shadow Morton - Dressed In Black

April 18, 2001 (#178)
Girls With Attitude - "There's Nothing in My Dreams"
Chris Palestis (Wizzo) - "Under Pressure"
Gene Marshall - "The Amazing Helicopters" (lyrics: Chick Sandone)
Edmundo Ros - "Hare Krishna"
Lionel Hampton - "California Dreaming"
Bobbi Blake - "Too Many Babies" (lyrics: Ila M. Pollock)
Matthew Raftery - "I Guess It's Over"
The Space Lady - "Ballroom Blitz"
Wayne - "Deep Bosom Woman"

April 25, 2001 (#179)
Phillip Scarborough - "Asera Everywhere"
B.J. Snowden - "98"
Austin Kelley - "Mack the Knife"
Jack Shane with Orchestra - "Liechtenstein-Romance"
Arthur Godfrey - "Slap 'Er Down Agin', Paw"
The Space Lady - "Fly Like An Eagle"
Girls With Attitude - "When You Do This To Me"
Wayne and Liz - "The Lord is My Shepherd"
GE Silicones - "Paradox"
Queenie Montgomery - "Lonesome George Jones"
Chris Palestis (Wizzo) - "867-5309/Jenny"

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