Incorrect Music Playlists for March, 2001

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March 7, 2001 (#172)
Hayley Mills - "Jeepers Creepers"
Wooshie Spkamoto - "I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again"
Baby Lulu - various atrocities
Tammy Bakker - "The Devil is a Sly Old Fox"
Friends and Co. - "Medley from Tommy"
Danny and the Aces - "Surfer Girl"
Christian Astronauts
    Capt. Shoup - "Prepare to Fire"
    Sister Shoup - "Countdown"
    Capt. Shoup - "Loosenut Asks About Jerry"
    Rick - "My Heart is Reserved for Jesus"
Space Lady - "Humdinger"

March 14, 2001 (#173)
Space Lady - "Born to Be Wild"
Wild Man Fischer - "Young At Heart"
Y. Bhekhirst - "Freshing Air"
Eilert Pilarm - "Heartbreak Hotel"
Julie London - "Louie Louie"
B.J. Snowden - "St. Patrick's Day"
Aunt Mary - "Jimi, Janis & Brian Jones"
Ralph Lowe - "Believe in God Until You Die" (lyrics: George D. Baucum)
Ken Bower - "I Will Survive"
Sabrina - "Boys, Boys, Boys"
Rodd Keith - "Run Spook Run" (lyrics: Marie Bragg)

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