Incorrect Music Playlists for January, 2001

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January 3, 2001 (#163)
Woodstock Al - "I Don't Live Today"
Sampson - "A Song for My Lady"
Sunny Lewis - "Pallie"
Bob Vido - "Tiger Man"
Wayne - "Prea's Song"
Rafael - "Going Out of My Head"
Chris Palestis - "Ebony and Ivory"
Anton Maiden - "Run to the Hills"
Dixon Devore - "Be Content"

January 10, 2001 (#164)
Sampson - "America Is My Home"
Jon Bowtie - "I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover"
Eilert Pilarm - "Release Me"
Christian Con Man - "Blade of Grass"
The Singing Irishman - "Nashville (Music City USA)"
Naomi Hall - "Nothing But Silence"
Chris Palestis - "Love Me Do"
The Langley Schools Music Project - "Desperado"
Dixon Devore - "The Queen of Jellybeans and Jam"
Hugh Mility - "Be Humble"

January 17, 2001 (#165)
Sampson - "I Teach the World to Sing"
B.J. Snowden - "Drug Free"
Neil Dick - "I Really Flipped Over You"
Naomi Hall - "This Breath Breathed"
Ken Jackson - "Dead Chocolate Cake"
Radies Man - "Honkey Tonkey Woman"
Buddy Max - "The Birthmark Story"
The Langley Schools Music Project - "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem of World Contact Day)"
Constance Mallis - "Is It a Sin?"

January 24, 2001 (#166)
Bill Joy - "How Long Are You Staying"
Freda Moss - "Morning Train"
Neil Dick - "The Future Is Now"
South Bay Surfers - "Short Shorts"
Calvin Braxton - "The Amen Song"
Jandek - "I Need Your Life" (excerpt)
Bob Vido - "Rockin' the Blues" / "Girl's Delight"
Naomi Hall - "Something About Ishka"
Tokyo Folk Crusaders -- "I Only Live Twice"
Tony Burrello - "There's a New Sound"

January 31, 2001 (#167)
Joe Meek - "Telstar" (demo)
Iain Gregory - "The Night You Told A Lie"
Joe Meek - "Valley of the Saroos"; "The Beat of My Heart"; "I'm Waiting for Tomorrow"; "My Baby Doll" (demos)
Jess Conrad - "Why Am I Living?"
Tangela Tricoli - "Supermarket Blues"
Arcesia - "Desiree"
Jack Webb - "Try a Little Tenderness"
Ivo Araujo - "Estarla Bai Estar Laite" ("Stella by Starlight")
unknown - "The Prance"
Elvis Don Ringo - "Beautiful Dreamer"/"I Cried for You"
Sonny Maresco - "Little Willy"

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