Incorrect Music Playlists for November, 2000

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November 1, 2000 (#154)
Woodstock Al - "You Got Me Floatin'"
Deep Shag Project - "Torn Between Two Lovers"
Stephen Cheng - "Born Free"
Gene Marshall - "The Great Richard Nixon"
Norm Cox - "The Republican Party"
Freddie Martell - "The President's Prayer"
Hermanitos Garcia - "Robert F. Kennedy Prayer"
Rodd Keith - "God Gave Us Richard Nixon"
The Patriots - "Presidentially Yours" (comp. James Wilson Jr.)
B.J. Snowden - "America"
Ella Ray & Buddy Clayton - "We Love You America"

November 8, 2000 (#155)
The Langley Schools Music Project - "Band on the Run"
Woodstock Al - "One Way Out"
Lu Ann Simms - "Felipe"
The Deep Shag Project - "You Light Up My Life"
anonymous - "Moon Pilot"
Steve Bent - "I'm Going to Spain"
Ken DeFeudis - "Break It To Me Gently"
Dora Hall - "Rock Medley"
Dick Kent - "Last of the Big Spenders"

November 15, 2000 (#156) Guest programmer: Russell Scholl
The Kroll Brothers - "A Shelter in a Time of Storm"
Howard Finster - "Hit Religion" / "Keep on the Firing Line" / "A Few Special People" / "Call the Bird Up"
Little David Smith - "I'm On My Way to Canaan's Land"
The Believers - "Jesus Made me Higher"
The Holland Sisters - "I've Got Confidence"
Kelly Groom - "In the Garden"
The Dycus - "Will the Circle be Unbroken" / "Amazing Grace" / "In the Sky"
A.M. Jack Barker - "Preamble" / "I'm So Glad I Heard Jesus Speak to Me"
anon. - "What More Do You Want Him to Do?"
Sister Gertrude Morgan - "Power"
Rev. Alberta Baker ("The Handless Organist") - "Turn Your Radio On"
The Mormon Kids - "Dime in My Pocket"

November 22, 2000 (#157)
Shooby Taylor - "How Great Thou Art"
Mitch Miller & the Gang - "Give Peace a Chance"
Lee Scott - "This Is My Country"
John 'Bowtie' Barstow - "This Land Is Your Land"
Bruce Hirdler - "Oh Lord (Please Forgive Me Now)"
The Deep Shag Project - "Annie's Song"
The Langley Schools Music Project - "You're So Good To Me"
Spring Glen Grade School Orchestra - "Rhapsody in Crap"
Ken DeFeudis - "Lover Without a Cause"

November 29, 2000 (#158)
Anon. - "Boys and Girls for Jesus"
Anton LaVey - "Start the Day Right"
Gene Marshall - "All You Need Is a Fertile Mind" (comp. Francis "Sonny" Fernandes)
Underground Electrics - "Hey Jude"
GE's Got to Investigate Silicones - "We've Got a Great Story to Tell" / "The Answer"
Kay L. Gale - "Ft. Worth Texas" / "How I Love that Flag"
"Dusty Roads" Rowe - "Oh Baby, Your Love's in Town"
Woodstock Al - "Manic Depression"
The Kaplan Brothers - "Epitaph"

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