Incorrect Music Playlists for October, 2000

Incorrect Musicairs Wednesdays 3pm - 4pm on WFMU 91.1 FM and 90.1 FM

October 4, 2000 (#150)
Jack Webb - "Try a Little Tenderness"
The Langley Schools Music Project - "Rhiannon"
Roth Jr. HS Stage Band - "The Stripper"
Vancie Flowers - "Prisoner in Siberia"
Rick Rondone - "Gotta Gypsy's Heart"
The Untitled - "Crazy Train"
Woodstock Al - "Communication Breakdown"
Anton Maiden - "Flight of Icarus"
Michele Lemay - "Wanted: Dead Or Alive"
San D'Jinn Din - "Rainy Weekend"
Dennis Pedevillano - "After the Lovin'"

October 11, 2000 (#151)
Woodstock Al - "Sunshine of Your Love"
Rick Rondone - "Adios Mi Amor"
Unknown - "Don't Be Lazy (Lazy Boy)"
Ralph Lowe - "The World Is a Jungle" (comp. Haywood Monk Jr.)
Jandek - "European Jewel"
B.J. Snowden - "Ode to Lesley"
Charlie the Hamster - "Surely Goodness and Mercy"
Y. Bhekhirst - "I Run My Car"
Florence Foster Jenkins - "The Bell Song"
anon. - "Maria Mother" (?)
Martin Mechanic - "Missin' Your Kissin'"

October 18, 2000 (#152)
Woodstock Al - "Paranoid"
Luie Luie - "Touch Me With All Your Heart"
Gordon Thomas - "Peace Peace"
Baby Lulu - intro & "God Can Do Anything But Fail"/"Jesus, Jesus"
Rodd, Teri & the MSR Singers - "Devil's Daughter"
Lily Deay - "He's a Devil"
Rick Rondone - "Little Devil"
Don Brockway - submission of Shaggs lyrics
Y. Bhekhirst - "You Dance" (excerpt)

October 25, 2000 (#153) Special Guest Programmer: Don Brockway
Bob Stellato & the E. Mann Starlight Combo - "Long Island, My Home"
Bob & Ray's Medley of Booster Song Excerpts:
  1. Les Adair with the Vic Stuart Combo - "Best Location In The Nation (C-L-E-V-E-L-A-N-D)"
  2. Unknown - "Willimantic, My Home Town"
  3. Unknown - "Minneapolis, You're So Many Things To Me"
  4. Unknown - "Key West Welcomes You"
  5. Unknown - "New York Is The Place to Be"
  6. Unknown - "Missouri, Missouri"
  7. Unknown - "Daytona Beach, The World's Most Famous Beach"
Brian Wilson - "Smart Girls"
Tiny Tim - "Nowhere Man"
Ventures - "Play Guitar with the Ventures" / The Touch Tones - "Tequila!"
Hayley Mills - "Gypsy Girl" / "Green and Yellow Basket"
Patty Duke - "Funny Little In-Between" (from Billie)
Les Wilson - "Tonight We Love"
Judson Fountain - "The Old Woman of Haunted House" (edited version)
Akiko - "Let's Fall in Love Forever"

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