Incorrect Music
with Irwin Chusid and Michelle Boulé

Wednesday Afternoons, 3PM to 4PM

Program #133 - June 7, 2000

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3 Peas in a Podd"What Kind of Fool Am I?"
Beau James"Goin' Back to Hackensack"
Julian Schnabel"The Night We Met"
Lionel Davis"Candy Pants"
B.J. Snowden"School Teacher"
Tommy Edwards"What Is A Teenage Girl?"
Dicken Elementary School Band"Proud Mary"
Jimmy Lee & the Oak Valley Rangers"Wicked Words"
Lucille Cataldo"Hairdresser Hairdresser"
The Fads"My Dear Blondie"
Lindy Michaels"Here, There and Everywhere"
Program #134- June 14, 2000

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Leonard Nimoy"Everybody's Talking"
Tom Merlo"Our Flag"
Peter Grudzien"Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere"
Freddie Martell"The President's Prayer"
Y. Bhekhirst"Dalmar" (instrumental)
Ann Chase"Chant for Your Plants"
Dee-Dee (Ramone) King"Mashed Potato Time"
Sebastian Cabot"Like A Rolling Stone"
Summer Wonderland
anon."Curly Toes"
Program #135 - June 21, 2000

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Li'l Markie"Jesus Wants to Live In You"
Peter Grudzien"Proud and Gay"
Rick Rondone"I've Gotta Be Me"
Lavender Jane"Lesbians"
Margaret Sloane"I'd Love To Make Love To You"
T. Valentine"Hello Lucille, Are You A Lesbian?"
Kathy Fire"Mother Rage"
Judy Garland Speaks[track 3]
Wooshie Spkamoto"Don't Cry Out Loud"
Jack Webb"When Sunny Gets Blue"
Wesley Willis"I Whipped Mighty Thor's Ass"
Eddie Albert"Blowin' in the Wind"
Program #136 - June 28, 2000

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Phillip L. Davis & Joe Leesak"She Bowled Me Over"
Dean Milan"Shadoobie"
Thuggin' It"War Iz On"
The Langley Schools Music Project"Space Oddity"
Eve Engelbrite"I'm Your Woman"
Ann Lever"Stand By Your Man"
Patricia Brady-Danzig"Can't Help Lovin' That Man"
Diane and Art Linkletter"Letter to Mom and Dad"
Eddie Albert"Homeward Bound"
Bob Frank"Only the Lonely"

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