February 5, 2001

The Clash: Listen   (go ahead, listen!)
Pulsars: Tunnel Song
Future Bible Heroes: Don't You Want Me
Le Tigre: I'll Be Gone Before You're Home
[Artists Unknown]: Swing a Little, Kim a Little
Takako Minekawa: Sleeping Bag
ZooBombs: Baby's in a Rainbow
The Clash: Armagideon Time
Harry J All-Stars: Liquidator
The Ventures: California Dreaming
The Slickee Boys: Hazy Shade of Winter

The Replacements: Can't Hardly Wait
Young Fresh Fellows: Little Bell
The Davenports: Heather's a Genius
Mark Bacino: Kay
Dan Bryk: BBW (Chunky Girl)
Fountains of Wayne: Please Don't Rock Me Tonight

Mink Lungs: Think of Me
Of Montreal: [track one]
Smallstone: Without Reason
Wolf Roxon: Dark Side of My Sun
The High: In My Own Time
Richard Lloyd: Ain't It Time
Amy Rigby: Wait Till I Get You Home

Nothing Painted Blue: K for Karnival
DQE: Go Bananas
Half Japanese: 1,000,000 Kisses
Vancouver Nights: Naikoon Park
Stars: This Charming Man
Fuck: Respond
The Aislers Set: Clouds Will Clear
Death by Chocolate: If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out

The Aluminum Group: Rrose Selavy's Valise
Gentle Waves: Sisterwoman
Alexandrins: Les copains
Jack Nitzsche: Theme from "Women of the World"
Les Cyclones: Hold My Body Down
Jackie & the Cedrics: Mockingbord
Ron & Joe and the Crew: Riot in Room 3C
The Live Five: Move Over & Let Me Fly
Holly Golightly & Dan Melchior: One of Mine

The Donnas: Living After Midnight
Yukari Fresh: Berliner Weisse
The Gossip: Where the Girls Are
The Neckbones: Cardiac Suture
The Bangs: Trainwreck
The Strokes: The Modern Age
The Minus 5: Got You
Paul Revere & the Raiders: Mattel/Pontiac jingles
The Beagles: Be the Captain
Michael Shelley: Mix Tape

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