January 29, 2001

The Clash: Listen   (go ahead, listen!)
Johnny Cash: The Man in Black
Sally Timms & Jon Langford: I Picked Up the Pieces
Richard Davies: Sign Up Maybe for Being
Pernice Brothers: Monkey Suit
Bill Fox: Electrocution
Emmitt Rhodes: Live Till You Die
The Beatles: If I Needed Someone
The Jam: I Need You (For Someone)
Teenage Fanclub: About You
Beachwood Sparks: Something I Don't Recognize
The Kinks: This Is Where I Belong

Television: Marquee Moon
Richard Lloyd: Ain't It Time
John Cale: Half Past France
Marianne Faithfull: Long Black Veil
Archer Prewitt: Another Peace of Mind
Plush: Soaring and Boring
The Beach Boys: You Still Believe in Me
The High Llamas: Tambourine Day
Big Daddy: Dancing in the Dark

Death by Chocolate: My Friend Jack
Aretha Franklin: 96 Tears
Nancy Sinatra: Lies
Mae West: Shakin' All Over
Les Souers Mallette: Back in My Arms Again
The Scotsmen: Sorry Charlie
The Pogues: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (remix)
Los Lobos: Johnny 99

The Minus 5: Got You
Young Fresh Fellows: Little Bell
Jackie & the Cedrics: Mockingbird
The Jynx: My Baby's Gone
The Pretty Things: Talking About the Good Times
Cécilia et ses ennuis: J'aime le popcorn
Holly Golightly & Dan Melchior: Lifering

Amy Rigby: Wait Til I Get You Home
Kelly Hogan: (It's a Mighty Thin Line) Between Love and Hate
The Continental Drifters: Get Over It
Dusty Springfield: Don't Forget About Me
Dolly Parton: I Get a Kick out of You
Amy Allison: The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter
Merle Haggard: Turn To Me

The Fastbacks: Trouble Sleeping
The Calamities: The Kids Are Alright
Television Personalities: Part Time Punks
Hüsker Dü: These Important Years

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