January 1, 2001

The Clash: Listen   (go ahead, listen!)
The Yobs: Auld Lang Syne
The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra: 2001 Sprach Zarathustra
X: Year One
Chuck Berry: Too Much Monkey Business
Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones: Black Slacks
El Toro & les Cyclones: Oncle John
Trio Sourire: Satisfaction
Hubler & Schwab: There's No Satisfaction
Georges Garvarentz: Nues dans l'eau

Elliott Smith: Rose Parade
Elliott Smith: Angel in the Snow
The Zombies: This Will Be Our Year
Coax: All Brand New
The New Pornographers: Letter From an Occupant
Tuscadero: Holidays R' Hell
Run On: Xmas Trip
Descendants: Christmas Vacation
Husker Du: These Important Years

Otis Redding & Carla Thomas: New Year's Resolutions
Johnny Otis & His Orchestra: Happy New Year
Jumpin' Joe Williams: Hey Bartender Give That Man a Drink
Sammy Cotton: Give Me One More Drink
Peppermint Harris: I Got Loaded
Los Lobos: I Got Loaded
Little Willie John: I'm Shakin'
The Kabalas: Snow Miser

The Busy Signals: Headphone World
Kleenex Girl Wonder: That's Why I Write Such Good Songs
De La Soul: The Magic Number
Pizzicato Five: 20th Century Girl
Lorette Velvette: 20th Century Boy
The Kinks: 20th Century Man
Southern Culture on the Skids: Just How Lonely
Kelly Hogan & the Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Mystery
The Waco Brothers: It's Not Enough

Kimya Dawson: Time To Think
Slumber Party: Sooner or Later
The Flamin' Groovies: I Can't Hide
The Kaisers: Time To Go
The Sprague Brothers: Pink Champagne
The Velvet Crush: Heaven Knows
Charles River Valley Boys: And Your Bird Can Sing
The Beatles: And I Love Her

The Strokes: Last Nite
The Jam: The Place I Love
The Moviees: Become One of Them
Paul Revere & the Raiders: What'd I Say
Rocky & the Riddlers: Flash and Crash
The Modern Lovers: Astral Plain
The Meteors: Anytime
The Dolly Mixture: How Come You're Such a Hit With the Boys, Jane?
The Undertones: Girls Don't Like It

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