"I just wanted to drop a line to say what a kick-ass time we had Sunday at the Loop. Great music, great bands, great booze. Best of all, I got to meet you and X Ray in person, my wife, Diane, was extremely pleased. Diane deserves special mention because she was our designated driver. She couldn`t drink anyway because she is three months pregnant with our third kid. She hung tough inspite of the fact there was no food [not even a bag of chips!] at the loop. I guess you could safely say she brought the very youngest member of the I.B.J. to the show. We`re looking forward to this Sunday`s show, keep up the great work..."
- Sheldon's Plumber


Do Not Adjust Your TV Sets, it's RENO'S MEN Live!


"...and this is how you do a segue."

"The Second Loop Show friggin rocked. Loved those Skels. That had to be the best outfit I have ever seen you in. It was a nice change to see you in men's clothing for a change. I guess you must have had some frilly panties under that get-up. If you recall, I walked up and kissed your hand at the start of the show. I have experienced a tremendous upswing in my life since that moment. I hooked up with a hottie at the after party, got a call about a job the next day, and have since secured a position for a MAJOR increase in salary. In all, my life has gotten much better since I attended the Loop Lounge/IBJ show and I owe it all the magic of Jones. "
- Fuzzco


THE SKELS Bring A Little "Erin Go Bragh" To The IBJ


Nothing Like Suckin' On A Good Cuban.
Cigar That Is...



Drunkus Interuptus

"Oh My God! THAT'S Jonesey???"



"Where's The Goddamn Haggis?"


"I just wanted to let you know I had a blast at the Loop Lounge on Sunday, I heard from a friend that you sometimes have IBJ functions at other places, including the shore. Please do that this summer! Thanks." - Shannah

THE SKELS Bring Down The House


Displaying the Two-Fisted Ways of the IBJ


"Howdy Men. A fine time was had by all at the Loop. The Skels were great. I hope to bring more fans to Asbury Park on July 30. I hope it will be as much fun as last year. I hope to bring more bluefish this time. Maybe even a striper or summer flounder. Keep the laughs comin! Your pal,"
- Sheldon

THE SKELS Want You (to join the IBJ)


RENO'S MEN Say "Always Know Where
The Nearest Exits Are...Just In Case!"

Photo Contributors: Garry Quinless, Jim Fields, W. Olfman