The origins of the Loop Lounge remote actually trace back to the early 80's at the old Aldo's Hideaway. It was there where anyone who was anybody learned about the pursuit of life, love and rock & roll. Bruce, now the Proprietor of the Loop Lounge is, was and will always be the dance master to me. He was the DJ at Aldo's and it was from him that I learned everything there is to know about spinning with attitude. He called me up in early April to pursue an idea we had hatched last autumn.
The Fat Pack Tour 2000 was born.



We would take full advantage of the Loop's facilities and feature live bands. Up until the morning of the show I was not sure how or if we would broadcast as technical difficulties kept Burns and I up all night scrambling to make the scheduled event happen. In the end, that was worked out and it certainly was to be a happening. We had built it and they all came. All of them. People I had not seen in ages and people whom I had never met. It was an amazing vibe. An indefinable energy that surely came across over the airwaves. There was a good time being had at the Loop Lounge and listeners everywhere could tell. The crowd appeared magically at showtime and continued to grow until the end. John Easdale, Holmes and Chumpot all played their hearts out. On what was the hottest days of the year we had a party and wasn't it about time we had a real party?
The Fat Pack Tour 2000 has begun.

Psychopath Jim Fields rubs shoulders with
"The Craftmatic Adjustable Burns"

Beer - It makes a body strong!

You can always count on the IBJ to belly up to the bar!

Garry Alcoholic - Ken Fusion - X.Ray

Glen: You are the Marconi of the new millenium. You have reinvented live radio. Your closing set of music...brilliant. Although I might have added a Sam Cooke original like Everybody Loves to Cha Cha Cha or Another Saturday Night And I ain't Got Nobody. But you are a man...standing up for the medium that should be more than a mere noise machine serving as a repository for bassoon-voiced lamos (with the exception of Howard & a very few others). In admiration, sir, I await the next Fat Pack live show...when even I may make an appearance. (And if you have the topless radio babes I'm definitely there). -- Allen


Holmes takes the stage


"Jimmy The Shoe"


"You want ANOTHER Weiss Beer?" grins Melissa the Bartender


The King of Sunday Afternoons is joined by
the King of Halloween, Rich Hanf

X.Ray signing the boys' new CD -
"Louder Than Hitler, But Not Quite As Pretty"




Jonesy, Arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhh! Thank you for the most splendid time at the Loop Lounge this past weekend. It was quite good to see both Burns and yourself in all your glorious splendor. Thank you for the CD and the Marlboro--it is always easier to quit smoking when you can smoke! I trust you enjoyed the penis pen. By the way, Holmes is truly a solid band. All told, Sir, well done. . . .very well done, indeed!! Cheers! Dig It!
-- Disco Godfather

Jonesey getting tips from "Big Bad Motorcycle Man"


Chumpot's Vocalist (and Shaolin Master) Ken Fusion
belts out their U.S. Smash Hit Single
"The Ballad of Glen Jones and X.Ray Burns"


Chumpot's Sir Classy Pat C. and Bobby Smokes


Jonesey and George - "Salut!"


Sean writes -- Jonesey: Though I didn't get to shake your hand, it was great finally being in your presence and seeing you in the flesh and blood. Thanks for the CD and for signing it. I'd say the initial IBJ party was a smashing success. The place was packed, live music was cool, your selections were inspiring, you and Burns were hilarious, and the liquid lunch pickled my brain. You've created a unique, cool, and strange community of weirdos and outsiders that smashes mainstream radio and laughs in the face of the self-proclaimed hipsters. Long live Jones!

"Hello? Is the Hale Bop Comet here yet?"


Sharon Green (V.I.P.) serenades her beloved Glen

The Superstar of Rock & Roll's Survival Kit
Photo Contributors: Garry Quinless, Jim Fields, Dr. Acula.