Clay's Playlist for July 25, 2001
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310 "After All" (Leaf)
TOBIN "01" (Tobin)
SLEPCY "Repeat" (Kool.Pop)
PREFUSE73 "Vocal Narratives..." (Warp)

ATOMSMASHER "Atomsmasher" (Hydra Head)
DOILY "200 Dumb" (Brooklyn Beats)
SNARES MAN "Breakbeat Malaria" (History Of The Future)
RICH KID "Rude Bimmer" (Ambush)
LOXY & INK "Airlock" (Renegade Hardware)

BIOSPHERE "Substrata" (Touch)
CRITERION "Grozny" (Brooklyn Beats)
BOARDS OF CANADA "A Beautiful Place..." (Warp)
SCI CLONE "Hold On" (Metalheadz)

JANEK SCHAEFER "Above Buildings" (Fat Cat)
CLOUDEAD "Cloudead" (Mush)
LUSTMORD "Metavoid" (Neterd)

CLOUDEAD "Cloudead" (Mush)
SQUAREPUSHER "Go Plastic" (Warp)
TAPPA ZUKIE "Natty Dread On A Mountain Top" (Blood & Fire)
TWERK "Now I'm Rendered Useless" (Force Inc)
SIKORA "Holzwurm" (Klang Elektronik)
CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS "Climax Golden Twins" (Fire Breathing Turtle)
ATOMSMASHER "Atomsmasher" (Hydra Head)
PUB "Summer" (Vertical Form)

FATBOY SLIM "Give The Po Man A Break" (Astralwerks)
310 "After All" (Leaf)

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