Clay's Playlist for April 4, 2001
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SLEPCY "And Again" (Ambush)
SCIENTIST "Heavyweight Dub Champion" (Greensleaves)
SOULJAH "Untitled" (Congo Natty)
KNIFEHANDCHOP "Vertical" (Dhyana)
AUTECHRE "Chiastic Slide" (Warp)
PREFUSE73 "Routines" (Warp)
2ND GEN "Irony Is" (Mute)
CALAMALKA "Plug Tunes Vol1" (Metaronix)
ANDREAS TILLIANDER "Ljud" (Mille Plateaux)
ADULT "Resuscitation" (Ersatz)
POLYGON WINDOW "Surfing On Sinewaves" (Warp)

EDAN "You Suck" (Landspeed)
RICH KID "Rude Brimmer" (Ambush)
KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN "Hymnen" (Deutsche Grammophon)
COLIN GIB & CHRISTOPHER GRAVES "Special Rumble" (Kracfire Records)
MR LIF "Enters the Colosus" (Def Jux)
PRINCE HAMMER "Brixton Trial and Cross" (Belleville Hill)
AUGUSTUS PABLO "Black Gun" (Rockers)
DUB TAYLOR "Forms and Figures" (Raum-Musik)
FUMBLE "Milo" (Karaoke Kalk)
WOLFGANG VOIGHT "Facklen Im Sturm" (Harvest)

MOUSE ON MARS "Actionist Respoke" (Thrill Jockey)
NURSE WITH WOUND "Automating Vol1" (United Diaries)
PSI PERFORMER "Art as a Division Of Pain" (Kanzleramt)
ILPO VAISANEN "Asuma" (Mego)
ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO "Message to Our Folks" (Affinity)
2ND GEN "Irony Is" (Mute)
DJ SCUD "Put Up Your Lighters" (Ambush)
FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER "Curve" (Mille Plateaux)
DELROY WILSON "Live Good Dub" (Fatman)

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