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September 23, 1999 | What'd you say?

Song | Artist | Source (VA = various artists)

unknown title | unknown artist | Japanese album, Teichiku label
Porno 3003 | Pizzicato Five | Happy End Of the World
Theme from “Barnaby Jones” | The Daniel Caine Orchestra | Mission Accomplished, Too (VA)
Japanese Porn Ads | Jon Rose | Violin Music For Supermarkets
It's No Game | David Bowie | Scary Monsters

Micro Cassette Abduct | Quintron | The First Two Records
Soulful Strut | Young-Holt Unlimited | Rock Instrumental Classics, Vol. 4 (VA)
An Eye Upon His Desert? | Soixante Étages | Heatproof Cauldrons for Wanglers
About You | E.S.G. | Come Away With E.S.G.
You Said What? | Marshall Crenshaw | # 447

Two Away | Tove Nilsen | Flash Caravan
Nuestra Ultima Cita | Ibrahim Ferrer | Ibrahim Ferrer
Are You Fer It? | Nat Cole Trio | Trio Days
I Am a Tree | Imani Coppola | Chupacabra

How a DJ Sound | Invisibl Skratch Piklz | The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 3
Like U | Gramme | (pre-release)
Awakening | Ikue Mori | B/Side
Blu Kube King | El Stew | El Stew
I've Gotta Sing Away These Blues | Doris Day | 45 @ 33 +
Grey Day | The Guess Who | So Long, Bannatyne
Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick | Ian Dury & the Blockheads | 7-inch single
Ali Baba's Camel | The Bonzo Dog Band | best of

You Can't Even Walk In the Park | Johnny Pate | The Best Of Shaft (VA)
unknown title | Organic Thoughts | Live on WFMU, 8/26/99; host: Small Change
Say That I'm Your Fella, Stella | Shel Silverstein | (?)
I Don't Wanna Go Down To the Basement | The Ramones | Ramones
I Feel the Earth Move | Philip Glass | Einstein On the Beach
Side By Side | The Bran Flakes | This Is Ovenguard, Vol 1.
Rubberband Lazer | Klaus Nomi | Eclipsed (best of)

Shrunken Head | Jack Logan | Bulk
A Blueprint | Brokeback | Field Recordings From the Cook County Water Table
Dear Darling | Sue Garner | To Run More Smoothly
Tuatara (remix) | Tipsy | Asphodelic
Ed Wood (video) | Howard Shore | Ed Wood soundtrack
Beyond the Clouds | The Poppy Family | A Good Thing Lost (best of)
Let My People Go | Steven Bernstein | Diaspora Soul

Coke | El Stew | El Stew
Mpende Anaekupenda | Ursula | Nyota: Black Star & Lucky Star Musical Clubs (VA)
Ashtray Heart | Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band | Doc At the Radar Station
Cigarette Sandwich | Scud Mountain Boys | Massachusetts
Freeloader | Big Boy Pete | Psycho Relics

Rich Blanket Of Love | Beth Custer | In the Broken Fields Where I Lie
St. James Infirmary | The Bubbadinos | Ready As We'll Ever Be
Groovy Girl | Mummy the Peepshow | Benten Bentoh, Vol. 2 (VA)

Marshall Crenshaw sounds relaxed, mature, confident, still writes great songs!
Imani Coppola raps, sings, plays tha violin, y'all
1976: The Ramones, Einstein On the Beach, and (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty
Big Boy Pete: English psychedelic fringe pop, mid-late 60's -- two collections, Psycho Relics, and Homage To Catatonia, both on Dionysus label
The Bubbadinos done tarred of playing all the regular notes
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