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August 12, 1999 | Been on the cholly so long

Song | Artist | Source (VA = various artists) (*** = new & recommended)

Vortex | elementary school kids | Big Music, Little Musicians
Stranger Than Paradise: Improv 2 | Balanescu Quartet | Byrne, Moran, Lurie, Torke
La java des bombes atomiques | André Popp | Delirium In Hi-Fi
Jungle | Jean-Bernard le Flic | Volume 3
Ed Amuri T'Arricuordi? | Giuseppe & Maria Pingitore | Italian Treasury: Calabria (VA)
Dirty Old Town | The Pogues | Rum, Sodomy and the Lash
Waterloo Sunset | The Kinks | Singles Collection

Melancholy Serenade | Jackie Gleason | And Awaaay We Go!
What If Ed Sullivan Were Tortured? | Michael O'Donoghue | National Lampoon Radio Hour box
What's Music? | Negativland | People Like Us Hate People Like Us (VA)
Dur Dur Dur | Barney Wilen | Between Or Beyond the Black Forest (VA)
Tilting Windmills | The High Llamas | Cold and Bouncy
Our Sweet Love | The Beach Boys | Sunflower; Good Vibrations (box)
Poisoning Pigeons In the Park | Tom Lehrer | An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer
Microchips and Fish | The Red Crayola (with Gina Burch) | Rough Trade single

Hypo-Boxing | Beatnik Filmstars | Oh, Merge (VA)
Rebel Without a Pause (instrumental) | Public Enemy | 12-inch single
Been On the Cholly So Long | Don Mooney | Deep River Of Song: Black Texicans (VA) ***
interview excerpt | Harry Partch | Enclosure Two
I Am a Peach Tree (from Li Po Songs) | Harry Partch | Harry Partch/John Cage
One Of These Things First | Nick Drake | Bryter Layter

They All Laughed | Ginger Rogers | George & Ira Gershwin In Hollywood (VA)
Emperor Waltz | Johann Strauss | played by some orchestra
excerpt from | (artist unknown) | Bowling Hypnosis Record
Harp Song | Ugandan musicians | Royal Court Music From Uganda
Sail On Sailor | Kristin Oppenheim | Selected Works
Scaling | MuZiq | Royal Astronomy
The Forest Of No Return | Sun Ra | Second Star To the Right
Going All the Way | The Squires | Nuggets box (VA)

Rock and Rolling Dance | Gordon Thomas | Americana Vol. 1: Vox Populi (VA)
Intersection, for tape | Morton Feldman | First Recordings: 1950's
Bad Boy | Holy Modal Rounders | Too Much Fun ***
Come To Daddy, Little Lord Faulteroy Mix | Aphex Twin | Come To Daddy
You Can't Even Walk In the Park | Johnny Pate | Shaft In Africa/The Best Of Shaft
Thelonious Chipmunk | Big Wheel Popcorn | Big Wheel Popcorn
Spotlite | Coleman Hawkins | Body and Soul (collection)

Walkin' the Ceiling | Hound Dog Taylor & the Houserockers | Hound Dog Taylor & the Houserockers
Honey, Honey (Slow As Molasses Mix) | Abba | slowed down 7-inch
Monkey Monarchy | El Malo | Asia Groove (WFMU CD-R mix)
Crosstown Commuter | Tony Hatch | Hatchback
Mother Canada | Nihilist Spasm Band | Every Monday Night
Bossa Cubana | Los Zafiros | Bossa Cubana ***
Sem Você | Arto Lindsay, Arnaldo Antunes & Davi Moraes | Red Hot & Lisbon (VA)

Address | Spaulding Gray | State Of the Union (VA)
M:51 | Mauricio Kagel | Solowerke for accordion and piano
The Edge | elementary school kids | Big Music, Little Musicians

Been on the cholly: Hobo slang for hoboing, being on the bum.
(from liner notes for | Deep River Of Song: Black Texicans | An Alan Lomax collection)
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