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July 8, 1999 | Toccata and feud

Song | Artist | Source (VA = various artists) (*** = new & recommended)

Walter Ego's Weekend | Roger Doyle | The Babel Project Bitmap
Sewing Thread | Bisk | Water and Architecture (VA)
Rhumba Bomballett | Edwin Torres & DJ Wally | 12-inch single
Fozzy Skating Backwards | Alejandra & Underwood | Children's Record
Maria Moita | Bossa Cuca Nova | Revisited Classics
I'm Free | The Rolling Stones | December's Children
Hat and Feet | Fountains Of Wayne | Utopia Parkway

In the Mood | The Trallaleri Of Genoa | (Alan Lomax Italian collection)
I Just Wasn't Made For These Times | The Beach Boys | Pet Sounds
It Would Be So Nice To Really Care | Brilliantine | My Life and the Beautiful Game
Who Shall We Share Our Frustrations With | Thomas Mapfumo | The Chimurenga Singles
Shadow | Crescent | Collected Songs
Kitchen In the Clouds | Come On | 7-inch single

The Fabulous Sequel | Pere Ubu | New Picnic Time
Interview avec les Lettristes | Raoul Hausmann | Poemes Phonetiques
Le Tombeau de Couperin: Toccata and feud | Maurice Ravel (Mostaccioli remix) | the works
Staccato's Theme | Elmer Bernstein (Meat Beat Manifesto remix) | Electronic Excursions In Hi-Fidelity (VA)
I Want To Take You Higher | Sly & the Family Stone | greatest hits

Herido de Sombras | Ibrahim Ferrer | Ibrahim Ferrer
Caravanesque | Jon Hassell | Fascinoma
Concubine | Small Fish With Spine | Ultimate Sushi
Chonginada | Los Romanticos de Sicay | Huayno Music of Peru, Vol. 1 (VA)
Missing Brazilians | The Missing Brazilians | Warzone
World's Worst Loser | George Jones | Good Ol' Boy

Euphoria | Holy Modal Rounders | Too Much Fun ***
Blues In the Bottle | Holy Modal Rounders | Holy Modal Rounders
Take Me Away | Peter Stampfel | You Must Remember This
New Tune | NRBQ | Scraps
Samba Tranquille | Thievery Corporation | 7-inch single
Jours tranquilles a rodez | Oblique Sessions | Oblique Sessions
Ain't It the Truth | Catalyst | The Funkiest Band You Never Heard

A Little Busy | Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers | Blue 'n' Groovy (VA)
My Day | Fuzz Townshend | Far In
Electric Lady Land | Fantastic Plastic Machine | Luxury
Schmink | Stock, Hausen & Walkman | Oh, My Bag!
Back Off Boogaloo | Ringo Starr | Blast From Your Past

Window Box | Trevor Wishart | Menagerie
I'm Busy | Ivor Cutler | Passed Normal, Vol. 5 (VA)
Where You Belong (rewrite) | William Burroughs | Call Me Burroughs
Symphonie pour un homme seul (excerpt) | Pierre Schaeffer | L'oeuvre musicale
Dance Of the Sugar Plum Fairy | Portsmith Symphonia | Plays the Popular Classics
Eat the Poor | Teenage PhDs | 7-inch single

Do You Like Worms | Olivia Tremor Control | Smiling Pets (VA)

How to write a phonetic poem:
Take any sentence and print it backwards:
Sdrawkcab ti tnirp dna ecnetnes yna ekat.
Then redistribute the words on separate lines:
ti tnirp dna
ecnetnes yna
-- Raoul Hausmann
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