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April 22, 1999 | They're laughing at me

Song | Artist | Source (VA = various artists) (*** = new & recommended)

Blue Danube Waltz | Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra | The Blue Danube (Strauss)
Bathroom, Sunday Morning | Bene Gesserit | An der schonen blauen donau (VA)
After After | Prolapse | Ghosts Of Dead Aeroplanes
Hold On | Tom Waits | Mule Variations
Live It Up | Juliana Hatfield | Bed
Lonesome Hobo Squaw | The Lonesome Organist | Cavalcade ***
They're Laughing At Me | The Bran Flakes | Hey, Won't Somebody Come and Play? ***
King Prawn Sniffer | Phlegm | Mr. Hoo-Ha Visits the Non-Stop Pissing Circus
Riboflavin-flavored, Non-carbonated, Polyunsaturated Blood | 45 Grave | Darker Skratcher (VA)

Dose | Latin Playboys | Dose
Symphony pour un homme seul: Scherzo | Pierre Schaeffer | L'Oeuvre Musicale ***
Le Tombeau de Couperin: Prelude | Robert Casadesus | Complete piano music of Ravel
Whistle For Drumming | Bisk | Ticklish Matters
one-string violin | Portasi | Echoes of the Forest (ellipsis arts label)
Living Corpses | Eyvind Kang | 7 NADEs
Burning Head | Old Time Relijun | Uterus and Fire ***

Ma | Tom Ze | best of
I See Chano Pozo | Jayne Cortez | Life Is a Killer (VA)
Lover | Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant | Swingin' On the Strings
unknown title | Chill E.B. | Born Suspicious
King Kong | Sounds Nice | Love At First Sight
unknown title | Chill E.B. | Born Suspicious
Signs | Five Man Electrical Band | Super Hits of the '70's (VA)

Mothra's Song | The Peanuts | The Best Of Godzilla (soundtrack)
Siboney | Ruben Gonzalez | Ruben Gonzalez
Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You | Lee Hazelwood & Al Casey | Farmisht, Flatulence, Origami, ARF!!!, and Me
This Town | Nancy Sinatra | Movin' With Nancy
Peter Gunn | Duane Eddy & the Rebels | Twang Thang (collection)
VC's Blues | VC Hooker | Ho! #1 Roady music from Vietnam (VA) ***
Yaar Dildar Tujhe Kaisa Chahiye | Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle | Doob Doob O'Rama (VA) ***
The Music From Another Planet | The Bran Flakes | Hey, Won't Somebody Come and Play?

Asian Vibes | Joi | One and One Is One
Wish Fulfillment | Sonic Youth | Dirty
excerpts | John Cage | Indeterminacy
Bonanza | Thanh Nam Teu | Ho! #1 Roady music from Vietnam (VA)
Speak To Me Through Your Shoes | The Bran Flakes | Hey, Won't Somebody Come and Play?
Lucky Luke | Thanh Nam Teu | Ho! #1 Roady music from Vietnam (VA)
Quatre etudes de bruits: Etude pathetique | Pierre Schaeffer | L'Oeuvre Musicale
I Am a Groupie | The Bran Flakes | Hey, Won't Somebody Come and Play?
The Eureka Springs Garbage Lady | GTO's | Permanent Damage
24,000 Years Is Forever (excerpt) | Masaoka Orchestra | What Is the Difference Between Stripping and Playing the Violin?

Life's a Funny Thing | Gerry Mulligan | I Want To Live (soundtrack)
Invitation to Khyabjug | Tibetan monks | Music Of Tibetan Buddhism
The Sound Of Business | David Byrne | Music From "The Knee Plays"
Japanese Porn Ads | Jon Rose | Violin Music For Supermarkets
The Crying Game | Brenda Lee | 7 inch single
Dooms Day | The Shirelles | 7 inch single
Be My Baby | Lolita No. 18 | Yalitamin

More information is available on The Bran Flakes, and their label, Ovenguard Music.

"No matter who or what you are, you end up looking brown."
-- Latin Playboys | Dose |

"A radio."
"The place where words are recycled. The place where villages are burned. That's my Indochina. I listen only at certain times of day for certain periods of time. When time's up, I bring it into silence. It's almost a ceremony... The kind of silence that follows the playing of the radio is never the same as the silence that precedes it. I use the radio in different ways. It becomes almost a spiritual exercise. Silence, words, silence, silence, silence."
-- Don DeLillo | End Zone |
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