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12 June 2000 | Say hi, small fry

Song | ARTIST | Source
(VA = various artists) (*** = new & recommended)

Main Title | PLAYTIME | soundtrack by Francis Lemarque
Second Fiddle | THE SUPERSONICS | The Trojan Story (VA)
Streets Of Calcutta | ANANDA SHANKAR | Untouchable Outcaste Beats (VA)
Butt! | A HALO CALLED FRED | Body Parts and Flying Things (7-inch single)
They're Comin' To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! | ROSE BROOKS | Napoleon Complex (VA)
Small Fry | JUNE CHRISTY | The Great Jazz Vocalists Sing Hoagy Carmichael (VA)
To the Left, To the Right | T-MODEL FORD | You Better Be Still
One Piece At a Time | JOHNNY CASH | The Essential

Operation Get Down | THE COME ONS | (self-titled)
Life's a Funny Thing | GERRY MULLIGAN | I Want To Live (soundtrack)
It Takes a Worried Man | DEVO | Pioneers Who Got Scalped (anthology)
Metix | F.X. RANDOMIZ | Sonig label compilation (VA)
Sublime | MR. DEATH | soundtrack by Caleb Sampson
Laku Tshoni 'Ilanga | THE MANHATTAN BROTHERS | The Very Best Of
Mad. Ave. Perfume Ad | CHARLES WILP | Fotografiert Bunny ***

Say Hello To Jamie Jones | THE RED KRAYOLA | God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It
The Summer's Day | RAY CARMEN | Obscurity Knocks
Megopolis/Out Without | DEERFIELD | Nil Desperandum
El Gallo Giro | ORQUESTA SONOLUX | Las 100 Cumbias y Porros
Changed Your Mind | FREEDY JOHNSTON | Blue Days Black Nights
Rolling My Eyes Like Dice | THE LONESOME ORGANIST | 7-inch single
Broken Household Appliance National Forest | GRANDADDY | The Sophtware Slump

Second Cumbia | JOSHUA FRIED | Music By Joshua Fried
The Calendar Hung Itself | BRIGHT EYES | Fevers and Mirrors
You Are My Sunshine | ARETHA FRANKLIN | Aretha Arrives
Cry Cry Cry | PERE UBU | Worlds In Collision
Time Is An Empty Bottle Of Wine | WILLIAM BREUKER KOLLEKTIEF & LOES LUCA | Hunger!
Disseminated | SOUL COUGHING | Irresistible Bliss
Super Toasting | THE BAGEL BOYS | Moving Further Out (VA)

2nd Foot Stomp | CLINIC | Internal Wrangler ***
Eli's Comin' | LAURA NYRO | Eli and the Thirteenth Confession
Halifax (first section) | HAMPTON GREASE BAND | Music To Eat
Buy Africa | FELA KUTI | Fela's London Scene
Halifax (last section) | HAMPTON GREASE BAND | Music To Eat
I'm In the World | MOONDOG | H'Art Songs

Flying Weather | TOM RECCHION | Chaotica
Monkey Doodle Doo | COCOANUTS | soundtrack by Irving Berlin
Words Cannot Describe | MIRAH | You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This ***
Gravity Rides Everything | MODEST MOUSE | The Moon and Antarctica
Where Did It Go? | (BIG BOY) PETE MILLER | Summerland

Home Sweet Home | BILLY SYNDROME | 7-inch single
Pretty Polly | DOCK BOGGS | Prayers From Hell (VA)
Snake Charmer | BRADFORD REED | Live! At Home
What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You | MARVA WHITNEY | James Brown's Funky Divas (VA)
Can't Seem To Make You Mine | THE SEEDS | Evil Hoodoo
Just One Yesterday | PETER STAMPFEL & THE BOTTLECAPS | The People's Republic Of Rock & Roll

Legal Man | BELLE AND SEBASTIAN | Legal Man CDingle
Driveway To Driveway | SUPERCHUNK | Foolish
Do Something (Organized Noize Mix) | MACY GRAY | 12-inch single
Spoons | STOCK, HAUSEN & WALKMAN | Organ Transplants, Vol. 2

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