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4 May 2000 | A nice world to visit

Song | ARTIST | Source
(VA = various artists) (*** = new & recommended)

Country Of Smiling Faces | FAMILY OF GOD | Exiter ***
Viscosity | JAY JAY JOHNSON | The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson, Vol. 2
Mornin' Glory | BOBBIE GENTRY & GLEN CAMPBELL | Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell
Fletcher Honorama | R. STEVIE MOORE | The Future Is Worse Than the Past
Stealing Fat | THE DUST BROTHERS | Fight Club (soundtrack)
A Lot Of Livin' To Do | LOUIS ARMSTRONG | Hello Dolly

Honolulu March; 12th Street Rag; I Like You | THE MOONLIGHTERS | Dreamland
Root (remix) | SPRING HEEL JACK | Oddities
Rule Number One; etc. | SAMUEL BECKETT | "...the whole thing's coming out of the dark" ***
Help Me Make It Through the Night | LEENA ZAVARONI | Ma! He's Making Eyes At Me
Mole Machine | SIMPLY SAUCER | Cyborgs Revisited
Where's Teddy | MAYNARD FERGUSON | Plays Jazz For Dancing
It's a Nice World To Visit (But Not To Live In) | LEE HAZELWOOD & ANN-MARGRET | The Cowboy and the Lady

White Lake | FRIENDS OF DEAN MARTINEZ | A Place In the Sun
B.C. 1675 | RAYMOND SCOTT | Manhattan Research Inc. ***
Stupidly Happy | XTC | Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol. 2) ***
The Air I Breathe | BADMARSH & SHRI | Dancing Drums
Chundo | MARK DeGliANTONI | Horse Tricks
Hey Baby | MAGGIE ESTEP | No More Mister Nice Girl
Without You | NANCY WALKER | I Hate Men
Champ Or Chump | SEA MONKEYS | Edisongs (VA)

The Cakewalk | JESSE McREYNOLDS & DEL McCOURY | Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza (VA)
Pogo Pogo | PLASTIC BERTRAND | 7-inch single
Inner Demons | METABASS 'N' BREATH | The Life and Times Of a Beatboxer
This Is No Chanson | TWIZZLE | Soda Fountain
The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter | LAURA CANTRELL | Not the Tremblin' Kind
Waltz, from Cinq pieces pour piano, Op. 23 | ARNOLD SCHONBERG | Claude Helffer, piano
Don't Get Your Hopes Up | ROBERT ASHLEY | Dust ***
My Own Peculiar Way | WILLIE NELSON | Teatro

Slowly | AMON TOBIN | Supermodified ***
Tape From California | PHIL OCHS | The War Is Over (best of)
Both Ends Burning | ROXY MUSIC | Siren
Satellite | AIMEE MANN | Bachelor No. 2
Cinq etudes de bruit, #2 | PIERRE SCHAEFFER | L'oevre musicale
With a Hey and a Hi and a Ho Ho Ho! | LOUIS PRIMA | Say It With a Slap

Shangri-La (ELO) | VERSUS | Shangri-la
H'a'chi | THE LAPSE | Heaven Ain't Happenin'
(excerpt) | TERRY RILEY (with CHET BAKER) | Music For the Gift
Shake It 'n' Break It | BABY GRAMPS | Same Ol' Timeously
Les fauves | CLEO | Ultra Chicks, Vol. 1
Country Of Smiling Faces | FAMILY OF GOD | Exiter ***

The recordings in this production provide an impressive documentation of Beckett's "visual writing." Molloy, The Image, Company - three texts from different phases in the life of the Irish author and Nobel literature laureate. The playing directions for the instrumentalist are derived directly from the so-called sucking stones sequence in Beckett's novel Molloy, where the author has his protagonist invent three variations of the correct way to suck 16 pebbles - distributed between two coat or trouser pockets.
(From the Intermedium Records website.)
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